Lake Tahoe Chillin’


This weekend, Matt and I drove North to celebrate…my new job! I’ve accepted a great senior level social media role at a really visionary and innovative medical healthcare company. I’m so excited for the way my career path is shaping out- I absolutely love social media, writing and blogging, and it’s a huge thrill for me to able to do it full-time and get paid for it! While I’m sad to leave my buddies behind at MGA, it’s time for me to spread my wings and learn more about how social media can work for any type of company – and this one in particular that’s been saving lives for over 50 years…including my great grandfather’s. More on that later- I’m so excited!
We met my mom, dad, brother and his sweet girlfriend Allison in South Lake Tahoe for a fun weekend of beach-going, hanging out and laughter. The first night in town we saw the super raunchy but hilarious Ted, and I even managed to say no to popcorn.

The next day we woke up, got some sandwiches and searched for a free beach in Lake Tahoe. Let me tell you- Lake Tahoe was where it’s at this weekend, because we tried three beaches before we were able to find a parking spot. We ended up at the gorgeous King’s Beach, where Matt and I braved the chilly water to wade in the waves.


We played some slots, and at one point I was up $20, which of course I lost…but that’s how it works!


After our beach going, Matt and I visited the Bridge Tender restaurant, a childhood favorite of his. I ordered an avocado burger and peeled off the bun and cheese, he got amazing chicken tenders. I indulged in waffle fries, but we saved some to feed the wild trout at the near by “Fanny Bridge”.


Then we visited the gorgeous Emerald Bay at dusk, where the sun was just starting to sink behind the mountains. This weekend was a perfect little getaway from our beloved but busy city of angels- there’s nothing like towering trees and majestic mountains to make you reflect on what life is all about. I indulged in some junky food, but I did it in moderation and am ready to start the week fresh with lots of veggies and lean proteins.

Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? What’s the last little getaway you went on?


Weekly Weigh In #5

Well, folks – Weigh in was today – and let’s get right to it- I’m happy to report this week that  I

lost 2.6 pounds

I worked really hard this past week to correct some of my previous mistakes. I drank way more water, put the kibosh on the junk eating, and got some activity. One night when I as feeling bingey, I had hot tea instead of a salty, crunchy snack – and I also had a terrible cold, so that probably helped keep my appetite from going all nutty. I also had motivation on my side, because there was no way I wanted to come back on here today and report that I had gained weight (again).

I’m enjoying the 0-point fruit and keeping our fruit man in business at work – it’s only $3 for a giant container of fresh pineapple with chili and lime. I’m also trying to limit my nighttime eating, and save my “extra” points for weekends, because that’s when I struggle. I even managed to fit in homemade popcorn and still lose- a splurge at 10 points for a big bowl with real butter.

I really want to stay on track this week, because I’m 1.8 pounds away from losing 5 pounds total – and it’d be really nice to reach that goal next week. It’s funny because this week I lost EXACTLY what I gained last week. Heh. I guess my body, like myself, is a little bit neurotic about symmetry đŸ˜‰

How are you doing this week?