Candy Crazy

We’ve been over my weakness before- crunchy, munchy salty deliciousness. I’ve never had a big sweet tooth. Will I turn down a slice of gooey chocolate cake if you put it in front of me? Of course not. But if you put a piece of cake next to a bowl of tortilla chips… I’m going for the chips! However, this week has marked a strange occurence in my craving habits. It’s been Easter time and I’ve been lusting for SUGAR!!!

Peeps? Oh, let me squish their delightfully spongey little bodies into my mouth, one at a time, rejoicing at the gritty, grainy texture of technicolor sugar and melty mallow. I prefer the bunnies, because you can bite their ears off one at a time, the outside just slightly firmer than their mushy belly. Lots of people hate peeps. But I love ’em. Cheap, colorful, festive and total sugar bombs – what’s not to love? I brought two packages to work and they were all gone within a few hours, proving that lots of people love these sandy little snacks.

Where my peeps at?

I also love me some reeses – and when “Reester” bunnies were marked down to $1.25 at Target, I just had to get them. I put them in freezer for the ultimate chilly-cool peanut butter experience… and then savor each bite with a frosty glass of milk. Mmmmm. But reeses and peeps don’t hold a candle to my ultimate candy crack: CADBURY EGGS. No, not these kind, these are Cadbury CREME eggs… (Yes – I do have these in my house. Yes, I am a bad weight loss blogger. Let me just change my title to “Weight Gain Blogger” this week).

I’m talking about Mini Cadbury Eggs – the original! The malty, hard candy coated pastel eggs dotted with delightful freckles and speckles, filled with creamy milk chocolate. The kind that you pop in the freezer and then pop in your mouth, rejoicing ┬áthe crackle of the candy shell on your teeth and then the creamy cool sensation of rich, milky cocoa. It’s amazing, and just one reason why Cadbury seriously rocks! Here you can see my current crack – and in true fiending manner, I’ve stashed ’em in a ziplock bag, just like a junkie would store their meth.

So there you have it – your carbo-crazy gal has gone coo-coo for candy! Anyways else experiencing the holiday candy craziness? What’s your fave? (Somebody say jelly beans!)