Want a chance to win 1,000 Diet to Go meals?! Of course you do!

It’s January. Which means the gyms are filled with resolutioners and hopefuls, those embracing a new, active lifestyle. I say… “more power to them!” But — we can’t forget that some health enthusiasts fully believe that “Abs are made in the kitchen.” (I think my jellybelly was made in the kitchen too, but I digress!) Because you can’t embrace a new, healthy lifestyle without embracing a new, healthy eating plan, now’s your chance to give Diet to Go a try – for free! Diet to Go is offering up a chance to win 1,000 meals! Say whaaaaat?!


Your chances are good, guys. I admit — I’m lucky and I win raffles pretty frequently. Today, I’m sharing the good luck ju-ju with you! Here are all the awesome details:

• 5 lucky winners will receive one month of free meals! (Dude – I lost 9 pounds in a month!)
• 20 winners will receive a free week of meals! (And averaged 2.4 pounds per week)
• 25 winners will receive a $50 Diet-to-Go gift card! (With code NEWYEAR2014 you can save an additional 25% off!)

It’s easy. Simply enter your email address for your chance to win! Receive up to 5 bonus entries just by liking and sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Plus, get unlimited bonus entries for each friend you refer! You can even enter right here, without having to go to any other website.

Now — want a few more chances to win? Of course! Join me and some other members of the Diet to Go Dream Team for a Twitter Party on January 7th at 9:00 p.m. EST. We’ll be talking about the Anti-New Year’s Resolution, which means using common-sense to make lifelong, lasting changes towards health. (It’s not about a diet or quick-fix. It’s about a lifestyle change) 1 randomly drawn chatter will win a Fitbit Flex Wristband or a Fitbit scale and 3 randomly drawn chatters will win 1 week of free meals. If you guys have never done a Twitter Party, it’s fun, I promise! You answer questions sent out into the Twittersphere by @diettogo using the hashtag #diettogo, and each answer gives you more chances to win.

Enough of me blabbing – let’s get to WINNING! Enter now and please let me know if you have any questions 🙂

***Diet to Go is compensating me for helping to promote this sweepstakes. As a reminder, I only promote things I believe in — no B.S. here!


Summer Shapeup: Diet to Go Meal Review

I hereby declare June the official Diet to Go month, because this June, I’ve lost about 5 pounds following the Diet to Go plan. You guys know I’ve long been a fan of Diet to Go, because their meals are simple, easy to prepare and above all, super tasty. Here’s a shot of my turkey meatball on fettucini with broccoli. This was delicious — and I couldn’t believe those gigantic meatballs were under 300 calories. Wow!

Diet to Go Turkey Meatball

Diet to Go Turkey Meatball

One of my favorite things about Diet to Go besides the awesome taste, is the convenience factor. Last week, I was working 12 hour days, bouncing around from my onsite gig and then coming home to log in and write for my social clients. Sometimes, the clock bogs me down and before I know it, I’m starving and crabby, wondering when it’s dinner time — and then I see it’s 8:15 PM. Whoopsies! Diet to Go to the rescue, because a few quick minutes later I’m microwaving and sitting down for a meal that’s not coming from a drive-through or a giant, crinkly bag of tortilla chips. When you’re trying to lose weight, these small changes make all the difference. Here’s another recent favorite — a yummy and totally filling turkey breast sandwich with provolone cheese, BBQ sauce and apple sauce. I threw some persian cucumbers in there to round it out and my tummy was a happy camper.

Diet to Go Turkey Sandwich

Diet to Go Turkey Sandwich

Diet to Go is doing an awesome Summer Shape Up Promotion, and one of the things they’re offering my readers is a $50 giftcard off any meal plan! Sweeeeeeeet.


Because they’re serious about you shaping up for the summer (and I am too), I’m also inviting you to join in on the official Diet to Go DietBet. Remember how we did this a few months ago? Some of you walked away with a nice pocketful of cash, and now you have a chance to do it again. The buy in is $25, and if you lose 4% of your starting weight, you’ll split the pot among the winners. That could be upwards of $50 – $60 — or even more, easily doubling your money back. I’m in, and hopefully now that I’ve got a treatment plan for my haywire hormones, hopefully I’ll be countin’ my benjamins at the end. Join us for the DietBet here!

And last but not least, you should enter for your chance to win the Diet to Go Summer Shape Up Sweepstakes over here on Facebook! Five people will win a week of free meals and one grand prize winner will score a WHOLE MONTH of free meals. Count me in!!!

Please let me know if you have any questions about Diet to Go. I am being compensated a small stipend to review their meals, but as always, I will never promote anything on the Double Chin Diary that I don’t personally approve of, ‘cuz let’s face it, some of the stuff out there for weight loss is horse ca-ca. But, Diet to Go isn’t it! Also, if you decide to try it, please use one of the links in this blog post or the big circular badge on the right hand side of the blog. I’ll receive a small commission, which helps pay for the hosting fees, site expenses and maintenance of this here blog. But no pressure at all; above all, this blog is a place to share experiences and work together on getting healthy.

I hope you have a wonderful Monday! xoxo

PPS: Did you enter to win a Spandits headband yet?! Hurry, only two more days until I pick a winner!

Diet to Go Week 4 Review: 8 Pounds Down!

Hi everybody! Today is a happy Friday, because after one month on Diet to Go, I’m down 8 pounds, which is huge for my sluggish slow metabolism! I still have about a week’s worth of food left so I’ll do one more update next week, but WOW, 8 pounds. Let’s talk about some of the things that make this worthwhile.

1) Portion Control. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to measuring. One cup = 1 heaping, big ass cup in Alyssa land. One Tablespoon = Probably 1.5 tablespoons, but “I’ll just round down.” Diet to go eliminates the margin for error and forces me to eat on portion, every time – but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to eat a lot. In my diet days, I never get TWO chicken breasts. Well, since they’re little chicken breasts, I got two. Awesome!

Diet to Go BBQ Chicken Meal - SUPER yummy!

Diet to Go BBQ Chicken Meal – SUPER yummy!

2) Variety. I get stuck in ruts when I’m dieting on my own, and I very quickly get sick of chicken breasts, salads and whole wheat toast in the morning. Every day on Diet to go I get something new and yummy to eat… like a breakfast of a cinnamon bar, strawberries and OJ.

Diet to Go Cinnamon Bar and Berries

Diet to Go Cinnamon Bar and Berries

3) Food that makes you feel good. This is an odd one for me, because I’m still working on the psychological reasons that I crave certain foods when I’m stressed. I had a certain day this week that was PACKED with stress, and my impulse was to go crazy for carbs and rip open a bag of potato chips like a rabid bear. I didn’t – but I did pick a meal in my plan that was loaded-with carbs and comforting. So guess what – I satisfied my emotional urge, but stayed on my diet – and THAT is something worth celebrating.

Diet-to-go Carbtastic Meal of Tamale Pie, Corn and Baked Potato

Diet-to-go Carbtastic Meal of Tamale Pie, Corn and Baked Potato

So, there you have it – one very happy customer. I’ll do another weigh in next week, but I’m also going to be launching a giveaway where you can win a WHOLE WEEK of Diet to Go food to try. Does anybody have any questions about this plan? Would you try it? Does anybody have any creative ideas for next week’s giveaway, or should we stick to the standard “leave a comment and enter for a chance to win” type thing? Let me know, and I hope you have an amazing weekend filled with good for you food and smiles!

PPS: Today we have a Puzzled & Polished WINNER!!!!! Our lucky winner, drawn by random number, is number ONE – Julie!!!! Congrats!

*Diet to Go is compensating me in exchange for weekly reviews. Don’t worry – opinions are always my own! 

Diet to Go Week Three!

Hello everybody! Let’s start off with some good news – Elisabeth G. won the KalorieBox Giveaway! Congrats, Elisabeth – watch for an e-mail!

I wish I could start this week’s post with another awesome weigh in like last week (Remember, 3.7 pounds?!), but unfortunately, it’s one of those times of the month *cringe, I know, this is awkward* and evidently my body is acting like a camel (ie so much water floating around my body I could hydrate an army). So we’re just going to skip the weigh in this week to give myself a couple days to um… dry out. (I weighed in and I’m up a couple pounds from last week – but I’m staying optimistic and know that I’ve done the work I need to do, and as KJPugs says, you always get the week you deserve eventually!) But on the positive side, I am still absolutely loving this week’s Diet to Go meals! This week was a mess of meetings, appointments and deadlines – so I was happy to see that the meals are truly “to go”, especially when I scarfed a smoked chicken sandwich in between stop lights as I drove to an offsite meeting. You can see photographic proof of that, here.

Diet to Go Omelet Pomodoro

Diet to Go Omelet Pomodoro

I had a lot of favorites, food wise, this week. Let’s talk about breakfast. Several years ago before I started this whole get healthier thing, I never ate breakfast. But now, it’s like “Whee! I get to eat!” when I wake up. Diet to Go has mastered the use of cheese and tomatoes when it applies to eggs. Today, I had this amazing omelet pomodoro (220 cals) – a basil spiced omelet with cheese oozing out of the middle and sicilian flavored asparagus tips. This breakfast was amazing – I even forced my husband to taste it as he was walking out the door to go to work.

Yummy Grilled Cheese French Toast from Diet to Go. Note the Fitbloggin post-its!

Yummy Grilled Cheese French Toast from Diet to Go. Note the Fitbloggin post-its!

Here’s one of my fav lunches from the week – a french toast style grilled turkey cheese sandwich with apricot pudding and a mushroom artichoke salad (560 cals). The apricot pudding was more like ice cream, and the bite I had of my mushroom artichoke salad was refreshing and tasty.. but then I couldn’t eat the rest because my cat licked the bowl and stole a mushroom out of it. Since I’m not a fan of sharing my meals with cat-breath (do you KNOW where they lick?!), I disposed of the artichoke mushroom salad but happily nommed on the rest.

Black Bean Soup and Pretzel from Diet to Go

Black Bean Soup and Pretzel from Diet to Go

This lunch is easily another one of my favorites- see that little pretzel there? I would like to raid the pretzel factory that makes me, because I’m pretty sure I could just lay in my bed and eat soft pretzels all day and be perfectly content. Add an iced cold raspberry lambic and I’m in heaven. Booze, carbs and bed… what could be better?! Anyways, I’m off topic. This lunch was super yummy because it’s something I wouldn’t normally pick for myself but I really enjoyed it. The black bean soup had a nice spicy touch, with lots of smokiness (probably from cumin), some juicy strips of bell peppers, and a lightly salty broth. I dipped the pretzel in it and enjoyed a peach pudding for my dessert. This meals comes in at 700 calories but includes a string cheese which is not shown here since I saved that for a snack. The thing is, when you look at some of the calorie counts for the meals, your instinct might be “My god! That’s a lot of calories!” but when you factor in the portion sizes and the fact that you’re pretty much full all day long, it all equals out. I’ve actually ended up coming under calories a lot in myFitnessPal, simply because I’m too full to eat the “extra” like the string cheese or yogurt that comes with the meals.

Diet to Go Turkey Dinner

Diet to Go Turkey Dinner

This meal does not photograph beautifully, but it was delish! Has anyone ever tried the SmartOnes Turkey and Gravy Dinner? It used to be a favorite of mine, but now that I’ve had this one I can see that was a weak favorite, for sure. These mashed potatoes were REAL – no instant junk here – and the turkey was lightly seasoned with a simple brown gravy. This was truly a comfort food meal.

If you’re interested in trying Diet to Go for yourself, check out their website here. You can use coupon code FEB15PERCENT to save 15% off any meal plan, and you can also enter next week for your chance to win a week worth of free meals!  /

Does anybody have any questions about Diet to Go? Have at it! 🙂

Diet To Go Review & Weigh In – Week 1

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was busy, busy, busy. Seems like the first couple of weeks after you get back from a trip is just full of catch-up. Remember how last week I told you that Diet to Go is generously allowing me to review their food this month? Well, I’ve finished my first week and I have some feedback for you all. And before I get ahead of myself, I’d like you to know that I don’t like to do reviews without offering something in exchange for YOU – so at the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to win a whole week’s worth of Diet to Go meals for free. Pretty sweet, right?! Because I like instant gratification and you should too, here’s what my weigh in results were for this week:

down 2.8 pounds


I’m thrilled about this, because jet lag and the remnants of the cold I got in Thailand were screwing up my exercise regimen all week. WooHOO!!!!! Excited to see what happens next week. Anyways, on to the food! When I first found out about Diet to Go, my initial (and unfounded) judgements were not positive. I assumed it was like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, and would be a frankenfood solution to losing weight, full of powdered mystery meats and gelatinous juices and gravies. What actually arrived to my house via overnight mail was completely different – fresh foods with actual FRESH, WHOLE PIECES OF FRUIT and tender, juicy pieces of meat that were actually MEAT – premium meat, not the gross pressed meat you find in frozen meals. (You all know I’m a picky meateater, so nothing turns me off more than a flat, flabby little piece of pressed meat.) Even cooler – the ingredients list is just FOOD. No freaky chemicals, no weird long names… just real, unprocessed food. I’ll take a pic next time to show you. The first meal I had was a Waldorf chicken salad, crunchy chick pea snacks and a can of v-8. After my first bite I was like, “Whoa. hey. These are real cherries in here. And this is real chicken. not bad.. nom nom nom nom.” And then before I knew it, my meal was over before I could capture a beautiful picture. And then the rest of the week went kind of exactly like that – I’d start chowing down and then think “Crap! I was supposed to take a picture.” I did, however, remember to photograph two of my favorites.

Diet to Go Montecristo with Raspberry Maple Syrup

Diet to Go Montecristo with Raspberry Maple Syrup

This ham and cheese montecristo was OFF THE HOOK. As in, I took one bite and wanted  10 more. The raspberry maple syrup on top of it was fresh and sweet, and the ham was the perfect salty bite to the yummy sweetened bread. As a side I had the yogurt citrus salad – juicy pieces of ruby red grapefruit in a non-fat yogurt dressing. This is an example of a breakfast I would never cook for myself in a million years (laziness, folks. it’s not for lack of desire.), so this felt like a real treat in the morning.

Diet to Go Chicken BBQ Burger with Pear

Diet to Go Chicken BBQ Burger with Pear

This chicken burger was an example of a meal that was perfect for a filling yet quick lunch. I was having a busy day at work and had missed lunch (yes – it happens even when you work from home!). When I finally realized the rumbling in my stomach was not helping me write any faster, or better, I nuked this in the micro for a couple minutes and sliced up the pear. This burger was seasoned well and had pieces of potato or turnip in it (I forgot to look) that gave it a nice texture. It came with BBQ sauce but I decided to just have it sans sauce because I felt the cheese was enough. This also felt like a “special” lunch, because I can’t think of the last time in my life I got to eat a cheeseburger at lunch!

The only meal I had this week that I didn’t love was the Turkey Meatloaf. It wasn’t gross, it just needed seasoning. I’m a salt lover, so it’s safe to say I like bold flavors. I doctored it up with some zatarains creole seasoning and it was good to go. I’m very pleasantly surprised about the taste of the food. One of my biggest fears was it would be gross and I’d miss cooking. Awesomely, I’m enjoying having my food made for me. I could get used to this….

Since I kind of went right into the food and no other details (big surprise, right!?), here’s a couple facts about Diet to Go.

  • There are three choices of meal plans. Traditional low-fat (which I’m on) comes in either 1,200 calories or 1,600 calories. There are also low-carb and vegetarian options.
  • The meals come to your house once a week on dry ice, or you can pick them up if you live in Baltimore, San Francisco, Philadelphia or Washington D.C.
  • The plans range in price from $76.79 for 10 meals per 5 days, up to $142 for a full week (3 meals a day) of food. Seems pricey, but if you compare what it costs to grocery shop and then prepare your food, it can come out equal or less. (AKA Check my last Whole Foods receipt. Ugh.)

I’ll have another post next week, but for now, I’m lovin’ Diet to Go.

So – would you ever try a prepared meal plan? Have you? (I lasted on Jenny Craig for one week a couple years ago. I hated the taste of the food and my checkbook couldn’t handle it!)