Diet to Go Week 4 Review: 8 Pounds Down!

Hi everybody! Today is a happy Friday, because after one month on Diet to Go, I’m down 8 pounds, which is huge for my sluggish slow metabolism! I still have about a week’s worth of food left so I’ll do one more update next week, but WOW, 8 pounds. Let’s talk about some of the things that make this worthwhile.

1) Portion Control. I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to measuring. One cup = 1 heaping, big ass cup in Alyssa land. One Tablespoon = Probably 1.5 tablespoons, but “I’ll just round down.” Diet to go eliminates the margin for error and forces me to eat on portion, every time – but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to eat a lot. In my diet days, I never get TWO chicken breasts. Well, since they’re little chicken breasts, I got two. Awesome!

Diet to Go BBQ Chicken Meal - SUPER yummy!

Diet to Go BBQ Chicken Meal – SUPER yummy!

2) Variety. I get stuck in ruts when I’m dieting on my own, and I very quickly get sick of chicken breasts, salads and whole wheat toast in the morning. Every day on Diet to go I get something new and yummy to eat… like a breakfast of a cinnamon bar, strawberries and OJ.

Diet to Go Cinnamon Bar and Berries

Diet to Go Cinnamon Bar and Berries

3) Food that makes you feel good. This is an odd one for me, because I’m still working on the psychological reasons that I crave certain foods when I’m stressed. I had a certain day this week that was PACKED with stress, and my impulse was to go crazy for carbs and rip open a bag of potato chips like a rabid bear. I didn’t – but I did pick a meal in my plan that was loaded-with carbs and comforting. So guess what – I satisfied my emotional urge, but stayed on my diet – and THAT is something worth celebrating.

Diet-to-go Carbtastic Meal of Tamale Pie, Corn and Baked Potato

Diet-to-go Carbtastic Meal of Tamale Pie, Corn and Baked Potato

So, there you have it – one very happy customer. I’ll do another weigh in next week, but I’m also going to be launching a giveaway where you can win a WHOLE WEEK of Diet to Go food to try. Does anybody have any questions about this plan? Would you try it? Does anybody have any creative ideas for next week’s giveaway, or should we stick to the standard “leave a comment and enter for a chance to win” type thing? Let me know, and I hope you have an amazing weekend filled with good for you food and smiles!

PPS: Today we have a Puzzled & Polished WINNER!!!!! Our lucky winner, drawn by random number, is number ONE – Julie!!!! Congrats!

*Diet to Go is compensating me in exchange for weekly reviews. Don’t worry – opinions are always my own!