Diet to Go Week Two Review: Food that makes me go Nom Nom

Hey everybody! I’m near the end of two weeks with Diet To Go, so I have to share my thoughts! It’s not my official weekly weigh-in day yet, so watch for that post on Monday to see how I’m doing. So far with Diet To Go I’m down 6.8 pounds. WOW.

I’m still really enjoying the Diet-to-Go food! I’ve only had one meals that I didn’t love, but I’ll talk about that in a minute. First let’s look at some yummy meals that rocked my socks!

Diet To Go Tomato Basil Soup

Diet to Go Tomato Basil Soup

This was a fire-roasted tomato basil soup. I’m not a huge fan of anything described as “fire roasted” because usually it’s just a bad euphemism for “burnt”. However, this soup blew away that stereotype of mine – because it was rich, beautifully flavored, and packed with charred bits of tomato and savory basil. Served with a warm wheat roll, this was a tasty treat of a lunch.

Diet to go egg quesadilla

Diet To Go Egg Quesadilla

First of all, look at the size of this meal! It’s HUGE, right?! This was an egg quesadilla with a side of citrus and a potato cake. The quesadilla was fresh and fluffy, and after two pieces and the fruit I was stuffed! This breakfast had all the components of a winner – starch, protein, carb and dairy with fruit. YUM!

Diet To Go Turkey Penne Pasta

Diet to Go Turkey Penne Pasta

Ok, I know I’m like a broken record, but again, look at this serving size. One of my big concerns about trying a pre-packaged food plan was that I’d be starving all the time. Not so with Diet To Go, as this is a generous pasta serving (maybe even bigger than is suggested. I hope my dietitian isn’t reading this! lol!). I’m all about volume, so a hearty pasta dish that gives you an ample serving feels nice and comforting. It had a tangy tomato turkey sauce that gave the pasta some nice flavor.

Diet to Go Chicken Pizza

Diet to Go Chicken Pizza

Last but not least is the Chicken Pizza! On Friday night I was feeling a little bit pouty as my husband had a smoked pork sandwich and a beer – so I picked out the Chicken Pizza. I cooked it in the oven and got the bubbly, brown cheese effect I was after. It’s nice to feel like you’re having junk food on weekends, so this pizza scored big with me.

Ok – so there has only been meals I didn’t love – an Indian chicken curry salad sandwich. I blame this on myself, mostly, because I’m a bit of a culinary snob and believe curry should only be served over fresh, fluffy rice or scooped onto a steaming hot tandoori naan. I couldn’t get into a cold curry salad, so this meal just didn’t do it for me, but the quality of the food was excellent with a fresh roll and big juicy chunks of white meat chicken. So, week two is a wrap! I’m really pleased so far with the results and am looking forward to my next week of meals. I even got to go in and pick out what to substitute for sea-food (I am anti-fish!) and I got to pick some intriguing things that I wouldn’t normally try (like Black Bean soup!).

Do any of these meals look yummy to you? Would you like a curry chicken sandwich? Don’t forget, at the end of my reviews, Diet-to-go is offering one of my readers a FREE WEEK of meals! Pretty awesome, right?! Have a great day!

* In coordination with the honest bloggers act, I am being compensated and provided complimentary meals for these posts. But don’t worry – my opinions are always my own!

Diet To Go Review & Weigh In – Week 1

Hi guys! Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was busy, busy, busy. Seems like the first couple of weeks after you get back from a trip is just full of catch-up. Remember how last week I told you that Diet to Go is generously allowing me to review their food this month? Well, I’ve finished my first week and I have some feedback for you all. And before I get ahead of myself, I’d like you to know that I don’t like to do reviews without offering something in exchange for YOU – so at the end of the month, you’ll have a chance to win a whole week’s worth of Diet to Go meals for free. Pretty sweet, right?! Because I like instant gratification and you should too, here’s what my weigh in results were for this week:

down 2.8 pounds


I’m thrilled about this, because jet lag and the remnants of the cold I got in Thailand were screwing up my exercise regimen all week. WooHOO!!!!! Excited to see what happens next week. Anyways, on to the food! When I first found out about Diet to Go, my initial (and unfounded) judgements were not positive. I assumed it was like Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig, and would be a frankenfood solution to losing weight, full of powdered mystery meats and gelatinous juices and gravies. What actually arrived to my house via overnight mail was completely different – fresh foods with actual FRESH, WHOLE PIECES OF FRUIT and tender, juicy pieces of meat that were actually MEAT – premium meat, not the gross pressed meat you find in frozen meals. (You all know I’m a picky meateater, so nothing turns me off more than a flat, flabby little piece of pressed meat.) Even cooler – the ingredients list is just FOOD. No freaky chemicals, no weird long names… just real, unprocessed food. I’ll take a pic next time to show you. The first meal I had was a Waldorf chicken salad, crunchy chick pea snacks and a can of v-8. After my first bite I was like, “Whoa. hey. These are real cherries in here. And this is real chicken. not bad.. nom nom nom nom.” And then before I knew it, my meal was over before I could capture a beautiful picture. And then the rest of the week went kind of exactly like that – I’d start chowing down and then think “Crap! I was supposed to take a picture.” I did, however, remember to photograph two of my favorites.

Diet to Go Montecristo with Raspberry Maple Syrup

Diet to Go Montecristo with Raspberry Maple Syrup

This ham and cheese montecristo was OFF THE HOOK. As in, I took one bite and wanted  10 more. The raspberry maple syrup on top of it was fresh and sweet, and the ham was the perfect salty bite to the yummy sweetened bread. As a side I had the yogurt citrus salad – juicy pieces of ruby red grapefruit in a non-fat yogurt dressing. This is an example of a breakfast I would never cook for myself in a million years (laziness, folks. it’s not for lack of desire.), so this felt like a real treat in the morning.

Diet to Go Chicken BBQ Burger with Pear

Diet to Go Chicken BBQ Burger with Pear

This chicken burger was an example of a meal that was perfect for a filling yet quick lunch. I was having a busy day at work and had missed lunch (yes – it happens even when you work from home!). When I finally realized the rumbling in my stomach was not helping me write any faster, or better, I nuked this in the micro for a couple minutes and sliced up the pear. This burger was seasoned well and had pieces of potato or turnip in it (I forgot to look) that gave it a nice texture. It came with BBQ sauce but I decided to just have it sans sauce because I felt the cheese was enough. This also felt like a “special” lunch, because I can’t think of the last time in my life I got to eat a cheeseburger at lunch!

The only meal I had this week that I didn’t love was the Turkey Meatloaf. It wasn’t gross, it just needed seasoning. I’m a salt lover, so it’s safe to say I like bold flavors. I doctored it up with some zatarains creole seasoning and it was good to go. I’m very pleasantly surprised about the taste of the food. One of my biggest fears was it would be gross and I’d miss cooking. Awesomely, I’m enjoying having my food made for me. I could get used to this….

Since I kind of went right into the food and no other details (big surprise, right!?), here’s a couple facts about Diet to Go.

  • There are three choices of meal plans. Traditional low-fat (which I’m on) comes in either 1,200 calories or 1,600 calories. There are also low-carb and vegetarian options.
  • The meals come to your house once a week on dry ice, or you can pick them up if you live in Baltimore, San Francisco, Philadelphia or Washington D.C.
  • The plans range in price from $76.79 for 10 meals per 5 days, up to $142 for a full week (3 meals a day) of food. Seems pricey, but if you compare what it costs to grocery shop and then prepare your food, it can come out equal or less. (AKA Check my last Whole Foods receipt. Ugh.)

I’ll have another post next week, but for now, I’m lovin’ Diet to Go.

So – would you ever try a prepared meal plan? Have you? (I lasted on Jenny Craig for one week a couple years ago. I hated the taste of the food and my checkbook couldn’t handle it!)