I’m not a morning person.

Do not disturb!

Do not disturb!

Many, many moons ago, when a good meal was a bag of Doritos and a bottle of Sprite (gross), and a new eyeshadow color was all it took to rock my world (Ok, let’s be real,  I still get excited over new makeup), I rose at 6:45 every morning to head to “zero period” at school for band. I’d stumble into the classroom, yesterday’s eye makeup smudged in what I like to think was punk chic (but really, was just teenaged lazy), sit in my chair (never first chair, second or even third – fourth it was), shove the pieces of my flute together and warm up for a glorious hour of riveting symphonic music. I have NO CLUE how I managed to do this for two years of my adolescence, the time when teenagers are most grumpy and most in need of sleep. Now, when I have to rise earlier than 8 am, I feel like a kitten being ripped from its mothers teat, in which I’m the kitten and my giant, cal-king bed is the teat. Ok, so maybe it’s not THAT dramatic, but you get the point.

I remember sometimes, on particularly disagreeable mornings, my dad would spray us with a water bottle to get us out of bed – sounds mean but really, was quite genius, and a trick I’m sure I will use on my kids one day. When we got old enough to drive ourselves, the water bottle trick wasn’t an option, so I’d sacrifice my good student standing for a tardy-slip, or worse, a notice for detention, and choose to stay curled up in my warm bed. I’m definitely not a morning person, but I’m not really an evening person, either. I keep a pretty regular schedule of bedtime around 11:30 or midnight, and waking at 8 AM. On weekends, I usually sleep in until 9, and on rare occasions when I have nothing to do, which lately is never, I can sleep like a cat and eventually rise out of bed at 11 AM, feeling like a blushing teenager. And naps? Don’t even get me started. The only good thing about being sick this weekend was that I got to nap in a glorious spree. I’m not really a tired person and I don’t “need” naps, but wow, when you get the opportunity to have one, they’re awesome.

The point of all this, is by the time you’ve read this post, I’ll have already gotten a full hour of cardio in. I have only exercised ONCE in the morning by choice – and that was a rare Monday morning when I awoke at 5:45 AM wide eyed and bushy-tailed, and walked to my neighborhood doughnut shop to buy my husband a crueller. (I had egg whites. The things you remember.) This early morning rise signifies a change in me – not just in the fact that I’ll be awake when the sun rises, but that I’m actually tackling something I don’t like (early mornings) for something I want (fitness). There will always, always, always be excuses – but there will also be opportunities to squash ’em. So tomorrow as I flip tires and do burpees in a frosty park, I might still be asleep and wishing I was in my gnome pajamas in bed, but the point is that I won’t be – I’ll be there, in the flesh, making a difference for me and my future.

Are you a morning person? An evening person? A kind of neither person, like me? Could you rock a 7-8AM bootcamp?





A merry merry christmas

Hello everyone! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas (if ya celebrate). Matt and I celebrated Santa’s arrival by heading up to Petaluma, a little town north of San Francisco where both sets of parents live.

We woke up bright and early at 8 AM at Matt’s parents to open gifts. Santa generously gifted us with a beautiful Cuisinart juicer… which we’ve already used to make fresh orange juice, and my favorite, apple pear juice. This will be making frequent guest appearances on the blog in the next couple of weeks! Matt’s dad surprised Shirley, my mother in law, with a month long cruise to Tahiti and Fiji to kick off their retirement next year! Here she is after she opened up her gift – a mini cruise ship!

So cute!

After gifts at the Currans, we headed over to the Lofgrens to celebrate Christmas there, too. My dad made bacon egg cups – bacon cooked in a muffin pan, filled with a whole egg and baked with cheese on top. It was a protein-packed, heart attack of a breakfast – and an enjoyable one, at that. Here’s the recipe!

 After breakfast we opened gifts from the Lofgrens, and we scored all sorts of great things like a pair of calf-high boots, an adorable olive oil and vinegar cruet, underwear and cute sweaters. Everybody spoiled us – as they do every year – and despite the mountain of new stuff we got, I was reminded all day about the generosity and love that’s so abundant on both sides of our families. We are truly, truly lucky!


After gift opening was complete, we (the kids) saw the Muppets at the $3 theatre (WOCKA WOCKA!) and then we headed back to the Currans’ house for an amazing dinner of prime rib with Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach, creamed corn and potato wedges. I made a pecan pie for dessert, and we also had some of my mom’s homemade fudge and kolacky, a Czech jam cookie. Matt’s dad is also quite the cook and I consider it a huge bonus that I married into such a food-loving family – now I’m surrounded by foodies on either side!

After dinner we headed back to the Lofgrens’ house where we had to play the annual game of Monopoly. The game started off slow for me, and I was bored within five minutes, assuming I’d be monopoly-less and broke after my second turn around the board. However… I scored $1200 from the free parking kitty, and before I knew it, I was rollin’ high – and claimed the official title of REIGNING MONOPOLY CHAMPION.

I woke up the next day with a raging stomach ache thanks to my celebratory feasting, and then it was back on the road to return to Los Angeles. I had a vacation day from work today but tomorrow it’s back to the grind. This was a wonderful Christmas holiday with both of our families, and now, with a few days left of work until the new year, I’m beginning to reflect on 2011 and think about small changes I can make in 2012. I hope you had a wonderful holiday, too – what was your favorite memory?