Sorry for the crickets!

Do you hear them? That gentle yet shrill “Chirp, chirp” of the crickets playing violin with their hind legs?

That’s the sound of silence… silence I’m sorry for! I’ve been very busy coming home from Mexico, and then I graduated and then I worked and went to  a play and celebrated a friend’s birthday… and now I’m finally home and ready to get back to blogging and getting rid of this weight! (I’m not going to say LOSE the weight because that implies I’ll find it again one day, and I’d like it to stay gone, thank you very much.)

While we’re on the topic of crickets, remember how when I went to Thailand I polled you all on which bug I should eat? And then remember how I couldn’t find any bugs? Well, my dear friend Julie and the creator of the awesome tee-to-tank tutorial showed up at my house with an unusual side dish…Crick-ettes Seasoned Crickets
. Bacon flavored, crispy crickets, fit for human consumption.

I did it in honor of you, dear reader. All I can say is watch the video!

Legs in my mouth. Yup. I’ll be back tomorrow… have a safe and gracious Memorial Day!