Couch to 5k, ritzy toilets and water

Dude. Today was a stellar day for my diet and fitness, in many ways.

1. I didn’t overeat. Not a bite. This is a huge accomplishment for a stuff-yer-facer like myself!

2. I tracked every little bite, lick and taste in my Weight Watchers tracker.

3. I packed my gym bag at lunch, and went right to the gym after work.

4. I actually worked out at the gym instead of sitting in the sauna.

5. I completed the first 30 minute workout in Couch to 5K without taking a break, needing an ambulance, or dying.

6. I got home from errands and searched for a snack… (as is the routine) and then realized I was just thirsty so I had some water.

7. My whole body is stiff and sore and creaking, which means I must have done SOMETHING right.

So, um, yes. Epic diet win! If only every day could come across that awesomely, but I know these days will be one in a million whereas the usual fatty, horrible, hungry, tired, exhausted and cranky days will be a dime a dozen. It’s just the way of the world for weight loss.

Wordpress suggested the caption "The Mona Lisa" for this image. Not quite, but - sure, why not?

And because I thought this was awesome, check out the ritzy toilets at my gym. (Sorry it’s the wrong way – wordpress can’t seem to rotate an image…) Every stall has fancy tile borders and nice pictures, and you can’t see it, but there’s a fancy-pants reed diffuser on a little shelf on the wall. Tres chic, so luxury… glad my monthly dues are used to freshen up potential potty funk!

I tried to snap a picture of the locker room but then realized that sweaty woman taking pictures from a cell phone in a locker room = Shady. So yes. Today’s weight loss goal is FTW!!!