Fitness goes mobile: my favorite iPhone fitness apps

Did you guys know that 30% of people say their phone is the first and last thing they look at each day? Holy guacamole. It’s true for me, as my iPhone is my alarm clock. While sometimes I hate feeling like I’m tethered to the “electronic leash” (aka, why I loved going on so many remote camping trips last year), I have to say that my iPhone is incredibly convenient in many ways. One of the top ways I’ve used my phone recently is to help me get into shape. Here are my favorite fitness apps of the moment! If you have a smart phone, give them a try and let me know what you think.

1) While me and My Fitness Pal sometimes go days without seeing each other (I’m on a 5 day streak now! Let’s hope I keep it up), this app is incredible. It’s very rare to find a food item that hasn’t already been calculated for calories, fat, protein, carbs, etc. In fact, I find MyFitnessPal a better app than the Weight Watchers one, though in all fairness, it’s been about a year since I used the WW app. I’m back onto counting calories/carbs, and having a digital diary of what passes my lips is really helpful for making good food choices. I also like the little surge of victory when I add in my exercise for the day. Add me – @lyssacurran! My Fitness Pal is free.

2) I’ve just recently started using Couch to 5K again because at one point in my life, I’d like to be able to run a whole 5k without stopping. I like the friendly voice and idiot proof interface that tells me when to run, when to jog, etc. I like that you can skip ahead or stay behind if you don’t feel “ready” to advance to the next level, and you can play your own music while you run. Free in the App Store.


3) My friend Julie and a few others have swooned over the Yoga Studios app, but for some reason I kept forgetting to download it. This weekend I finally remembered, shelled out the $2.99, and commenced yoga in my backyard after doing a run. I love the calm voice that guides you through the positions, the no-nonsense video model that helps you twist and bend, and the soothing wind sounds and gentle music in the background. I also like that you can customize your classes, schedule reminders, and build your own classes. Super cool — this app has already helped me find my zen twice this weekend!

4) Sometimes you just don’t want to work out. When I get that “arghh nooooo i’m lazy” type feeling, I try and think of the quickest way I can do SOMETHING. Anything! Enter the 7 Minute Workout app. You don’t need anything except yourself to do these workouts, and before you know it, seven minutes is DONE! Usually by the time I finish one set, I’ve overcome my laziness and am ready to do a second. There’s a results tracker and activity calendar so you can applaud yourself for your efforts,  and during the workout, a timer and voice tells you when to start and when to finish. The voice even says “Almost there!” so if you’re suffering during burpees like I do, there’s a glimmer of hope that you’re near the end.

So there you have it – my four favorite fitness apps. Do you have any of these? Am I missing any? Share in the comments so we can all be fabulously fit through our phones!

Couch to 5k, ritzy toilets and water

Dude. Today was a stellar day for my diet and fitness, in many ways.

1. I didn’t overeat. Not a bite. This is a huge accomplishment for a stuff-yer-facer like myself!

2. I tracked every little bite, lick and taste in my Weight Watchers tracker.

3. I packed my gym bag at lunch, and went right to the gym after work.

4. I actually worked out at the gym instead of sitting in the sauna.

5. I completed the first 30 minute workout in Couch to 5K without taking a break, needing an ambulance, or dying.

6. I got home from errands and searched for a snack… (as is the routine) and then realized I was just thirsty so I had some water.

7. My whole body is stiff and sore and creaking, which means I must have done SOMETHING right.

So, um, yes. Epic diet win! If only every day could come across that awesomely, but I know these days will be one in a million whereas the usual fatty, horrible, hungry, tired, exhausted and cranky days will be a dime a dozen. It’s just the way of the world for weight loss.

Wordpress suggested the caption "The Mona Lisa" for this image. Not quite, but - sure, why not?

And because I thought this was awesome, check out the ritzy toilets at my gym. (Sorry it’s the wrong way – wordpress can’t seem to rotate an image…) Every stall has fancy tile borders and nice pictures, and you can’t see it, but there’s a fancy-pants reed diffuser on a little shelf on the wall. Tres chic, so luxury… glad my monthly dues are used to freshen up potential potty funk!

I tried to snap a picture of the locker room but then realized that sweaty woman taking pictures from a cell phone in a locker room = Shady. So yes. Today’s weight loss goal is FTW!!!