Running is something you do when a bear is chasing you.

In my adult life, I’ve watched several close friends of mine become runners. My own husband invested in fancy shoes and fancy stay-dry shirts, and giddily skipped out the door on balmy evenings to run around the neighborhood. My bestie Jason was the same way – he started with short sprints around his neighborhood and is now an avid 10k and 5k runner. My bloggie pal Alycia is getting ready for a half marathon (did you guys know she’s lost over 60 pounds?! AMAZING!) My other bloggie pal KJPugs is running another 5k this weekend, with a fabulous tutu to boot. (She’s also lost a crap ton of weight! You guys rock!). Two of my gal pals Shelley and Amy are also avid runners, waking up at the crack of dawn to run marathons and clock in major mileage. I admire them all.

I, however, could never fathom myself as a RUNNER. Running is something you do when a bear is chasing you. It’s something you do when there’s a fire, or a snake slithering in your backyard. It’s something you do if you’re delightfully in shape, a spring in your step and a blistered foot in your Asics. Running? Not for me.

I much prefer my torture exercise in “stay mostly in one place” cardio form, like Zumba or boxing. However, something strange has happened in the past year. Maybe it was our Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. Maybe it was the fact that despite what the scale says, I feel stronger and leaner. Maybe it’s because this looks like way too much fun to pass up!

On February 2, I’ll be participating in my first ever “official” 5k, The Color Run! I’ve done 5ks before without knowing they were 5ks, like the World Walk for Water. But this is the first 5k I’m doing consciously, as in like, wow, maybe I can even RUN part of this thing. If I can’t run it all, fine, no problem, no pressure. But once I’m back from Thailand I’m going to pick up my Couch to 5K app again, and get movin’. Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing – to actually RUN a 5k? I think I can. You guys inspire me to try.

What do you think about events like the Color Run – does it look crazy fun to you too or like too much of a mess?

Couch to 5k, ritzy toilets and water

Dude. Today was a stellar day for my diet and fitness, in many ways.

1. I didn’t overeat. Not a bite. This is a huge accomplishment for a stuff-yer-facer like myself!

2. I tracked every little bite, lick and taste in my Weight Watchers tracker.

3. I packed my gym bag at lunch, and went right to the gym after work.

4. I actually worked out at the gym instead of sitting in the sauna.

5. I completed the first 30 minute workout in Couch to 5K without taking a break, needing an ambulance, or dying.

6. I got home from errands and searched for a snack… (as is the routine) and then realized I was just thirsty so I had some water.

7. My whole body is stiff and sore and creaking, which means I must have done SOMETHING right.

So, um, yes. Epic diet win! If only every day could come across that awesomely, but I know these days will be one in a million whereas the usual fatty, horrible, hungry, tired, exhausted and cranky days will be a dime a dozen. It’s just the way of the world for weight loss.

Wordpress suggested the caption "The Mona Lisa" for this image. Not quite, but - sure, why not?

And because I thought this was awesome, check out the ritzy toilets at my gym. (Sorry it’s the wrong way – wordpress can’t seem to rotate an image…) Every stall has fancy tile borders and nice pictures, and you can’t see it, but there’s a fancy-pants reed diffuser on a little shelf on the wall. Tres chic, so luxury… glad my monthly dues are used to freshen up potential potty funk!

I tried to snap a picture of the locker room but then realized that sweaty woman taking pictures from a cell phone in a locker room = Shady. So yes. Today’s weight loss goal is FTW!!!