We’re Famous!

Hi everyone! This is not a weight loss related post.. so, sorry. (Probably for the better considering I just ate a Cadbury egg. What? They’re SO low-fat) 😉 But, I do have exciting news! You know how Andy Warhol talks about your 15 minutes of fame? Matt and I have it – in May’s Glamour magazine, on page 276!

Long story short, I made a famous “engagement chicken” recipe and got engaged five days later, I sent it in to the blog, and now we’re in the magazine! A fun keepsake and a neat opportunity to brag about being “famous”.

But then I also just found out that one of our wedding photos is in the Petaluma Visitor’s Guide! I haven’t seen that yet, but apparently, it’s promoting Petaluma as a wine-country wedding destination. I’ll share it with you when I get it.  It would be weird to be like really famous, because I don’t like to wear makeup on the weekends, and it’d be weird to be spotted sans eye makeup with my ghostly-white eyelashes. Oh yes, the very serious things I consider when I consider fame. Ha! Hope you had a nice weekend. Watch for a post tomorrow night at our first attempt at homemade chicken satay!

Farmer’s Market Fun

One of my favorite things about living in Southern California is the awesome farmer’s markets. Most specifically, the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. Located at Sunset and Hollywood Blvd, one of the busiest intersections is shut down from 8AM- 1 PM and filled with every type of person you could ever imagine. I’ve nearly walked right into Victoria Beckham clad in a neon orange Fendi frock, and I’ve bought fingerling potatoes next to Biggest Loser Trainer Jillian Michaels. You’ll see stinky hippies with greasy dreadlocks, hot young waiters actors in training decked out in the latest trendy yoga gear, frazzled moms with beaming toddlers, elderly couples strolling hand in hand, tourists with cameras and maps, and my personal favorite, every type of street musician, from an Albanian steam-punk band called Albania Mania to a Rastafarian harp player.

The people watching is only second to the amazing choices of food for sale, most of it organic or no-spray, all of it at very reasonable prices. Tables are stacked high with every type of citrus under the sun, and baskets are heaping with freshly cut herbs that lay an aromatic assault on your senses. I like to buy a strawberry lemonade and sip it as I stroll around the booths, sampling fresh cut fuji apples or blood oranges. Today Matt and I bought green garlic, two bacon avocados, 1 pound of sauce tomatoes, a sack of fingerling potatoes, one cat grass plant, one tomato plant, one basil plant, and one cilantro plant. We always bring our reusable bags and delight in the smells, sounds, and general weirdness that is a feast for our eyes at the market.

Turkey Tomato Rotini and Mixed Baby Greens

With our haul today, we made a turkey rotini with fresh tomato and green garlic marinara. I tossed a salad of mixed baby greens with olive oil and balsalmic vinegarette, which we sopped up with freshly baked “poura” or “finger bread” baked by the Persian bakery. It was a delicious and healthy meal – the type I should aspire to more often. Do you have favorite farmer’s market near you? (If not, I feel sad. Haha!)