What I Ate Wednesday!

Hello everybody! Today I’m participating in the “What I ate Wednesday: Summer Staples” version. I’m traveling for work so my eating has been a little wacky -thankfully as I prepared for this post though I realized it hasn’t been too bad!

What I ate today!

I started the morning with my “Summer Staple” of yogurt. I’ve been obsessed with Greek yogurt for awhile, but since I’m back in the North bay, I treated myself to some organic Clover Stornetta cream top. Clover Stornetta is a local creamery from my hometown of Petaluma, so I always love to support their dairy when I’m in the area. It’s so tasty and that little bit of extra cream is super decadent and feels like a nice morning treat. I also had some English breakfast tea and a plum (not pictured).

One of the benefits of working for a techy company is free lunch! Today I ordered traditional curried chicken tenders with grilled vegetables over basmati rice. The flavors were amazing – simple yet exotic, and the little bit of spice was great for this cold I have that just won’t go away. (Any tips for me?! I’ve tried Emergen-C, sleep, dayquil, tea, honey and lemon, rain dancing…)

I had a cup of fresh mixed berries as a snack – perfect fuel for energy without being too heavy or sugar-dense.

I worked late and came back to my studio searching high and low for delivery since I was too lazy to walk anywhere (truth). I finally found a highly-rated Chinese place and ordered spicy green beans with chicken and vegetable chowmein. I was too stuffed to hack into the chow mein after my spicy green beans, but I did eat two fortune cookies with some Oolong tea.

It was a yummy day of food, and if there’s anything I can thank this cold for, it’s that my appetite is not its usual guns-a-blazing. I’m still eating plenty, but I’m focusing on the right portion sizes and trying to remember to balance out protein, vegetable and starch. High 5 for healthy eating while out of town! How’s your week going, food wise?


International Eats

Here’s a few things I love about LA:

1) You can go to a bridal shower in the morning and eat fancy watercress sandwiches with scones and clotted cream and lemon curd

and then

2) You can go to Pasadena and eat Taiwanese food with your Chinese friend who has to order in Chinese for you (and if you’re like me you have to sheepishly ask for a fork because you can’t use chopsticks – someone teach me how!)

Taiwanese Food

3) And then you can order a Mango Snowy, which is a gigantic pile of fluffy frozen ice drizzled with sweetened, condensed milk on top of a heap of ripe, sweet mango

Crazy eyes for mango snowy

and then

4) You can go to a wine bar with some other friends and try a bubbly rose moscato

and then

5) You can have a cheap late night snack of pastor, asada and carnitas tacos from a food truck that’s humming from a generator at 1 AM, surrounded by happy people of all different cultures and ethnicities. There are tubs of diced onions, cilantro and tomatoes waiting near vats of different fiery salsas, and you can dress up your taco any way you choose.

So what is it exactly that I love about LA besides the food? The cultures! My tummy is never bored, and neither are my eyes. It’s so cool to try so many different types of foods and get a little immersive experience from each culture depending on the cuisine. I still need to try Ethiopian food and Argentinian food, but I’ve ticked off a big list of ethnic cuisines since I moved to LA – Serbian, Armenian, Taiwanese, Japanese, Antiguan, Egyptian, South African, Creole, Iranian… So far the only ethnic food I haven’t loved is Korean BBQ, and I think in general that’s because I’m not a big meat eater to begin with and I’m not fond of anything pickled besides, well, pickles.

It’s still fairly easy to eat well too even if you’re eating ethnically and creatively – for me, MyFitnessPal keeps me on track and I just remembered that I can taste a little bit of everything but there’s no reason to finish everything. I can always take something home and enjoy it again later. So – do you share my flair for the multi-cultural? What’s your favorite ethnic food?