Random Thursday Thoughts

Hello friends, how are you? I’m glad it’s Thursday! I don’t have one big topic to talk about today so instead I thought I’d share a bunch of little things that have me thinkin’.

On Sunday, I got a B-12 shot at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. I’ve read a lot about B12 and how it can be a wonder vitamin in curing fatigue, allergies, anxiety and sluggish weight loss – all things that ail me. I decided to invest for $30, as $30 for a “cure” for all those things would be well worth it. Sadly, it’s 5 days in and I haven’t noticed a damn bit of difference. Anyone had any luck with B12 shots? I read somewhere online that it will only help if you have a deficiency of B12, so maybe my B12 levels are A-OK.

Lucia hates that I work from home because it means daily cat photographs. She loves our bed too.

This is the third time that I have set my alarm for early in the morning to go work out… and I don’t go. As in, I put on snooze, snuggle into the sheets and revel in the glory of a warm cat curled up at my feet, a sweetly snoring husband by my side and soft rays of light streaming in through the blinds. Since we upgraded our bed last year to an extra plush cal-king, this bed is like my kryptonite. I’m back to working out at night which is fine, but I really want to give AM exercise a try to see if it helps boost my energy. Anybody got any tips?

The Sleek EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale

I got a new scale! The kind folks at EatSmart are genius and somehow knew that I’m tracking my daily weigh-ins in a shabby little notebook, and they sent me the awesome EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Scale to review. It actually tracks my daily weight and gives a summary of percentage lost and weight lost. I love it so far – watch for a full review tomorrow or Monday.After this week’s maintenance weigh in, I’m happy to report I’m back on a downward trend. I’m committed to coming back here next Tuesday and telling you I’m back on goal!

Melora Creager at the Key Club, Hollywood

Tuesday night, Matt and I went to see Rasputina! Rasputina is an awesome lady cello rock band, and they use distortion pedals on their cellos to make this totally awesome, funky, haunting cello rock. It’s not for everyone but it’s awesome. It was fun getting out of the house and being wild and crazy on a Tuesday night. Usually a wild and crazy Tuesday night for us is going to Costco. That’s how married folks roll, kids. (PS – we bought Halloween candy at Costco and I purposely got candy I don’t like so I stay out of it. The bag is sitting untouched by our book shelf. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this whole healthy livin’ thing! The old Alyssa would have bought the mega size bag of deliciousness and cracked into it weeks before Halloween… and then the kiddies would have gotten stuck with whatever lame candy was left on the grocery store shelves. Womp womp.)

That’s all I got! I hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday – and also, follow me on instagram @lyssacurran. It’s my new fav social platform!


Confession time: Exercise Edition

Forgive me Leo, for I have sinned. Also - this is what happens when you work from home. Pictures with cats.

Tonight I was lamenting how I feel like I have blogger’s block lately – and to my credit I’ve been very, very busy with starting a new job, traveling for said new job, working on my thesis, and just living life in general. So, the blogger’s block is pretty much just from exhaustion, not wanting to quit my blog or anything, so no worries! Matt suggested I blog about exercise, and I felt myself cringe because that would mean a CONFESSION. Dun, dun, dun. So here it is – a confession.

I haven’t exercised in… a really long time. Like more than a couple weeks. Like, the last time I can remember was some time in early August, probably when my grad school buddy Virginia and I hit up water aerobics. I have no good reason, because everybody in the world is really busy, and I need to make time for it. But there’s just something about actually DOING IT that gets in the way. Maybe it’s having to dig for a sports bra, and then finding the stretchy capris that don’t give me a wedgie, and then having to find socks, and then having to put on shoes, and then having to actually exercise and deal with the sweat and the out of breathness and the tiredness. But see, those are all excuses, because we all know nine times out of 10 you finish a workout feeling great.

In an effort to make exercise a little less tiresome and daunting, I decided to purchase a used Wavemaster Boxing Bag. It was $35 on Craigslist, and really, truly the only exercise I have ever enjoyed is boxing. I haven’t used it yet, but it’s waiting in the backyard for the first day that’s less than 100 degrees. I figure even if I can get out there for a measly 10 minutes every now and then and work up a sweat, it’s better than what I’m doing now, which is nothing. (Cringe).

Whew. Ok. I feel better now that everything’s out in the open. Now I just need to do a weigh in post too – I’ll shoot for one early next week. Surprisingly, for a week of eating restaurant food, I weighed in only a couple pounds up. I’ll be back on track these next few days so I have a good reliable number to report back. So – it’s your turn now. Anything to confess?

Lucia’s Weight Loss Success Story – a Memoir of a Former Tubby Tabby

Rest in peace, Bailey - sweet ole girl!

I’ve never been a cat person. I grew up with a steady stream of reliable labradors and golden retrievers (and one random pug/daschund mix), but cats weren’t really a part of my world other than the quiet, shadowy felines that stalked our suburb at dusk. I had nothing against cats, but in a household ruled by dogs, they just weren’t a part of my world. While I’m allergic to everything under the sun, surprisingly I am not allergic to dogs and cats. As an animal lover, this is a very good thing.

Gumbo, the evil baby turtle.

When I moved in with my boyfriend (now husband), I was yearning for a pet. I wanted an animal that I could snuggle and harass, and our brief trial run with red-eared sliders was a snappy, messy failure. We bought these two tiny turtles from downtown LA, and were briefly enchanted with Gilligan and Gumbo, buying them a heating lamp and turtle pellets and all sorts of useless turtle accoutrements. Our weekends were consumed with trying to clean the 50-gallon aquarium, scrubbing algae off of artificial rocks, and as the turtles grew older and hissed more often… I learned that aquatic creatures were just not for me.

Lucia on the first day we got her. Bliss!

I began stalking Craigslist, my heart set on a gray female tabby with stripes and polka dots, with blue eyes and a little pink nose. I don’t know why I wanted a gray tabby, but I just did. In my mind, that was the quintessential “cat” – a perfect starter kitty for a lifelong dog lover like me. I eventually found her in Long Beach for $20, where she had been rescued from a 7-11 dumpster by a kind college student. When we picked her up, she ran out the front door towards us – and we were shocked at her size. She was the size of a fat hamster- absolutely tiny- barely weighing more than a baked potato. I picked her up, smooshed her squishy, soft little face between mine, and fell in love.

Lucia loves the lazy life

As Lucia grew up, her tendency to overeat and wait impatiently between meal times made me realize how alike we were. We both loved the lazy life, lounging around on weekends on the couch, getting our heads scratched, and laying in the sun. We both had squishy, soft tummies – hers more like a hula skirt that gently brushed the floor as she walked. At her yearly vet appointment, Lucia weighed in at 13.4 pounds. The doctor advised that we should “lay off the groceries”, and in my head, I justified my fluffy feline – she was just big-boned, after all. I was embarrassed that my kitty soul mate was also plagued with fatness, but in a way, we were kindred spirits. While she was never obese or in danger because of her weight, she had some extra chunk, enough that occasionally, visitors would remark on our “tubby tabby”. Concerned, we switched the cats to “Maintenance Cat” food, plastered with funny pictures of huge, hefty cats lounging on spilled sacks of grain.

"I'm not fat!"

At our last vet appointment, I asked with concern in my voice if she was overweight. The doctor pulled on her skin, pinching gently at the soft heap of skin on her belly. “No, actually.” he said. “She’s in perfect shape. She’s just a big cat.” Lucia weighed in that day at 12.4 pounds, a whopping one pound loss, which is huge for species that on average, weighs slightly more than a sack of potatoes. Victory was mine! Tubby tabby no more! Our efforts for Lucia’s slim-down had paid off! It was at that moment that I realized that all changes, no matter how small, eventually make a difference. Lucia’s lifestyle hadn’t changed dramatically, but a simple switch to her food helped make her a former flabby-tabby. Lucia’s weight loss helps to inspire me, because while one less order of french fries seems like a very, very small thing in the grand scheme of weight loss, I know that every little bit helps; and if my tubby tabby can lose weight, so can I.

Party Off the Pounds

As most of you know, I have trouble motivating myself to work out. Like tonight. I worked a full, busy day, came home, worked on some homework, went with the husband to drop off a library book, grabbed dinner, stopped at the grocery store, watered the yard, cleaned up the kitchen and then… I knew I had to work out. But I felt lazy. And feeling lazy is such a precursor to blowing off a workout. But then! I remembered one of the awesome birthday gifts I received this weekend.

Personalized Pineapple Cutting Board

It wasn’t my personalized cutting board that Matt got me….

Turtle Fruit Corer

And it wasn’t this awesome turtle shaped fruit cutter that my best buddy Katelyn got me…

Excited much?

It was… Richard Simmons’ Party Off the Pounds DVD! I’ve been wanting a Richard Simmons DVD for awhile, ever since the first time I worked out with him in person. Matt got it for me for my birthday, and it’s perfect for nights like tonight where getting dressed, filling up a water bottle, driving to campus, parking, and going into the rec center to do some cardio just feels like too much work. I was able to prance and dance and sweat in my very own living room, with no cares about if I looked stupid or if I remembered the padlock for the locker. My cats were kind of confused, though.

Anyways, this DVD is no joke. This DVD is a good workout! It’s no P90X or Ass Ripper 10,000 or whatever those fitness DVDs are called, but it’s a good, solid workout. I was sweating thoroughly, but most of all, I was having fun dancing along to hits like “Mickey” and “Hit me with your best shot.” Also? There are fat people in the video, like real, actual fat people – not Hollywood fat people like Christina Aguilera. (Sorry Christina, but everyone says you’re a chubster and we know you’re not. You aint the real thang, girl.)

I’m excited because I may have finally found a good solution for nights like tonight when the gym just isn’t going to happen. Now I kind of want to check out some more fitness DVDs – anybody got some recommendations for me? And also – could you work out with a fitness DVD, or is just too strange for you? I know some people aren’t into busting a move in their living room, so I’m curious – are workout DVDs a do or a don’t for you? Why or why not?


Ornament Swap

Our petite Christmas tree with laser-eyed Leo

Hi everybody! This year I was excited to participate in my first ever “blogger ornament swap”! Laura over at Luckiest in Love was kind enough to host this, and all the bloggers who signed up were matched with other bloggers around the country. I was matched with the lovely Mandy in Milwaukee at Making the Pieces Fit – and here’s what I got from her!

She did a great job researching because one of the ornaments she sent was this adorable jingle bell kitty! It looks just like Mr. Leo too, with the orange tabby stripes. Isn’t it darling?

Darling Jingle Bell Kitty Ornament

She also got me this super cute ginger bread lady resting on a little baking sheet! I don’t know if you can see it, but there’s a candy cane, starlight peppermint and a little baking spoon dangling off the edge. Perfect for me and my obsession with food! 🙂

Gingerbread lady baker!

I sent Mandy some ornaments in return – and while I desperately searched for an ornament of her favorite things, dolphins or flip flops, I couldn’t find one so settled for a pretty silver initial ornament and a few other little sparklies. However – I had an internal debate about which initial to get her, because her Twitter name is Mandy but her full name is Amanda – so, when people call me Lyssa, I figured it’s a nick name but my true initial is still an A – so Mandy got an A. Hope that’s cool, Mandy! These are the weird things I agonize over. 😉

Merry, Merry, Merry Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, a merry day to you. Do you have a favorite ornament? You can see one of my favorites in the first picture – a little horse and carriage with our wedding photo in it that says “And they lived happily ever after – 2010”. Awwww!