Minerals, Vitamins and Supplements for Weight Loss

One thing that’s recently been uncovered in my medical mystery tour is that I need to be more consistent about vitamins. I previously would occasionally pop a daily multivite, usually a giant horse pill from Costco, and hope that would fill any glaring nutritional gaps in my diet. When my Vitamin D was tested, my levels were super low, not too uncommon for overweight folks with office jobs. The glowing light of a computer screen just can’t replicate sunshine. I added a 5,000 mg supplement per my doctor, and will have my levels re-checked in a few weeks. I also was advised to start taking daily Emergen-C packets for the anti-oxidant boost. I’ve been not doing so great on sticking to that, because quite frankly I think they taste like powdery, flat soda. So I need to get back into that habit. I take a daily gummy vitamin, probably not the best form for delivery, but I look forward to taking my “candy” everyday. I figure if it helps me remember to take it, no big deal. I also used to take gummy fiber, but I learned a good lesson about gummy fiber not being something you want to take too many of. Yeah, I went there.

Ha! I don’t believe this about myself but it made me smirk when I read it!

I’m also now getting weekly B12 shots. I have mixed feelings on the B12 shot. Some people love them, claiming to have renewed sense of energy, sparkling eyes, clear skin and a miraculous clearing of stress. Each time I’ve had them I’ve had none of the good side effects, just another pin-hole on my arm. I remember I had one done last year at a grocery store and wasn’t wowed by the results then. However, the doctor recommended we try it weekly for six weeks, just to see what happens. I’m on week three and so far no dice, but I’ll happily stick it out for six weeks in hope that I get some positive results.

I’ve been thinking more and more about supplements lately because of the various health claims that all of them have. For example, my sister bought me some Natural Vitality Natural Calm magnesium drink packets, and I tried one out of curiosity a few days ago. Magnesium is supposed to be a mineral chill pill, and after I drank it, I did feel a sense of “Ahhh” relaxation. It’s been a pretty nutty past couple of weeks with how crazy my schedule has been, so maybe it was the magnesium, or maybe it was just me deciding I wanted to believe in a placebo. I think I’ll buy some magnesium supplements and give it a go, as I could always use some “natural” relaxation methods.

I know I’ve read that I should be on calcium now to prevent osteoporosis, and that fish oil is great for non-fish eaters like myself. However, I always get freaked out by the label “no fish burps”. Even if it says no fish burps, just the idea of fish burps is enough to convince me that omega-deficiency is worth avoiding sardine stench in my mouth. Gross. I’m always on the look out for natural ways to boost my energy, as I’m feeling pretty sluggish lately even though I’m sleeping well. I’m somehow not getting the energy boost from the Metformin that I talked about last time I tried it (darn it!), and I know that both PCOS and wacky thyroid can sap energy levels. Short of guzzling coffee and amping up the exercise, what are some natural ways I can put some pep in my step?

Tell me about your vitamin and supplement routine. Do you take anything? Which and why?