Weekend Get-Away: Big Bear Lake

Hello, Double Chinners! Sorry things were quiet around here for a few days. My hubby and I were in Big Bear Lake celebrating our one year anniversary of our wedding!

Score! We're Married!

While I’m not proud of it, I didn’t track a single thing through out the weekend. This was not wise, as it lead to copious indulging in things like creme brulee and NY strips… BUT… it was my first wedding anniversary, I splurged, and I had a great time! (Happy to report: back on the WW tracking train today!) It’s not really related to weight loss, but pix are fun – so let’s take a little pictorial recap of Big Bear, shall we?

Here we are at Juniper Point:

Exploring Big Bear Lake

And here’s Matt in our creepy haunted B&B (I’ll save that for another post… but let’s just say – 5 year old little girl ghosts? SCARY)

Matt looks for Casper

Here’s an amazing hand-made marshmallow from a great cafe called the Copper-Q where we had hand squeezed lemonades and iced coffees after sunny afternoons outside:

Stay-Puft, you got nothin' on this!

Here I am eating an awesome turkey sandwich on squaw bread from the “Big Bear Belly Deli”. It was a really tasty sandwich but almost had too much cheese. Or maybe I’m just not a fan of cheddar with turkey. *shrug*

I <3 sprouts

Here I am at a really haunted restaurant we ate at called The Log Cabin. (Over 100 years old – the waitress said apparitions of women in blue aprons (which was part of the original uniform) walk back and forth throughout the kitchen) I had some AMAZING biscuits and gravy with fried eggs. I should have had a heart attack on the spot from all the fat and salt, but they were incredible and brought back major memories of my grandma’s southern soul food cooking.

Is there a ghost behind me?!

Here we are at the Moonridge Zoo, which was full of rehabilitated animals. Their three grizzlies were there after raiding a campground three times too many. Can you see the big bear in back of our heads? It was fun hearing these guys snort and huff and puff as they lumbered around their enclosure. We also got to make the coyotes howl. That was cool.

Da Bears

Then, we had a fancy dinner at a place called the Peppercorn Grill. I had a NY Strip and Matt had the porterhouse. It was good – but couldn’t top their Artichokes Romano appetizer. It was baked artichoke hearts covered in balsamic vinegar, garlic, and parmesan bread crumbs. The creme brulee we shared for dessert was perfect – a nice crispy shell and cool, sweet custard underneath. So good. So, so good. So worth the few pounds I probably puffed up.

Before we pigged out at the Peppercorn

We drove home yesterday morning and had to pull over to capture some of the sheer scenic gorgeousness. Big Bear is absolutely stunning and a super friendly little town – and it only took two hours to get there from Los Angeles. We’ll definitely be going back!

I’ve been a bad, bad girl

Did you get the reference? You know, cuz that’s a Fiona Apple lyric? Ok, well, anyways…. I have been bad. Very bad. It all started with my sister coming down to visit. I don’t know what it is about visitors that makes me shed every decent habit I’ve acquired, but I PIG the eff out when I have guests in town. It started with the delicious breakfast I made on Saturday morning – scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes. Then we went shopping in North Hollywood and had Chicago hot dogs with onion rings at Vicious Dogs . Then we used my groupon for Famous Cupcakes and I picked up a half a dozen of assorted butter-bombs of cake and frosting, including the Oreo Cookie cupcake.

Then we went home, laid around for a while, and ordered Big Mama and Papa’s pizza – one with fresh tomato and the other with pineapple and ham. One redbox trip later we were watching Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher have random sex in the movie No Strings Attached while stuffing our gullets with pizza. I opened a bottle of white zinfandel and drank one glass. And then another. And then one more. And then another. And then, I realized I was drunk, and the potato chips and sour cream and onion dip came out.

Intoxication + junk food = disgustingly awesome diet fail. I can’t blame it on the a-a-a-a-ah-alcohol (another song reference!! Did you get that one?). I have to be honest with myself that I have a problem with self control, and apparently a guest coming to visit is a special occasion for me and I go kookoo for cocoa puffs (or in this case, cookies n’ cream cupcakes.) I usually don’t eat that much junk food in a month combined, so you can bet my stomach has been a little gurgly today. Since I always try and find the positivity in something crummy, I feel like I gorged on so much crap that I really just feel like eating CLEAN the next week or so. I’m going to try to wean myself off of sugar and keep on the regular fitness. I could guilt trip myself pretty heavily about this, but I’m not going to. It was one day, and while I made bad choice after bad choice, life will go on and I will be okay.

What was the most sinful thing you ate this weekend? For me, it was the chips and dip!!