Blog Buddy Appreciation Day

Hi everybody! Today is Blog Buddy Appreciation Day… a holiday I had never heard of until the awesome KJPugs wrote about it! Blogging is special to me because as a writer, it’s a fun way to get your voice out there in a public forum. I always thought that blogging was cool because you don’t NEED any special connections, or html knowledge, or anything like that to be successful. You basically just need to know how to type and have something to say. It’s really fun to have your own little “corner” of the internet. I imagine as this teeny tiny little piece of space in a dusty old corner, back by the cobwebs with old websites like Acrophobia or Smile And Act Nice (if you remember any of those, old school points to you!). It may not be incredibly well known – but it’s mine – and aint’ nobody touchin’ it but me! (Well – except for the awesome Nathan G., who’s helping me set up the new design…WHICH by the way is not finished yet… It’s gonna take some time so please hold your horsies. But aren’t the little icons SO CUTE?!)

Another thing stolen from KJPugs. Notice a trend?

Anyhoozles… Here are the blog buddies I appreciate. I’m still fairly new so I don’t have many besties… yet… but these are my daily readz fo sho!

1) KJPugs. Yes, yes, I know lots of you probably think “GAWD! Who IS this girl she talks about all the time?!” All I know is that if Kelly lived here (or if I lived there), we would be total chums. She’s hilarious and blogs about her life in Indiana with her chef hubby (I drool over a lot of the posts about what he cooks) and she always posts cute pictures of her puggies. She’s a founder of the #VOTMC (Vlog of the Month Club… of which I am shamefully lagging), and she always has funny, unique content on her page. She’s super cool and I’m thankful to her for setting an awesome example of what a successful blog should be like. Go read her stuff… NOW!

2) A Bit of This, A Dash of That! Kendall over at A Bit of This, A Dash of That is a girl I have known for a very long time! We were band nerds together in high school, and she and her sister belong on that list of people you know who are unnaturally nice, good people. Kendall blogs about crafts, food (sometimes WW-friendly, for all you WW folks out there) and books, and her blogging is always a nice break in the day. She just recently posted a recipe for this insane looking broccoli rigatoni that I can’t wait to try out. It’s so fun to be blog buddies with a few people you actually know in person – it adds a nice touch to everything they write.

3) Alycia at the Wonder Wall is also another person I know in real life! We went to junior high and high school together, and re-connected when we were both engaged! It was a lot of fun to reconnect with an old friend during the insanity of wedding planning. She blogs about a little bit of everything – book reviews, movie reviews, and life. She’s a fellow grad student so we have that in common too (insane newlyweds FTW!), and she has a great sense of humor and a likable, relatable tone in her writing.

4) My sister April, at No Love for Bingo Wings! Ok – So What’s a Bingo Wing? Well… when a bunch of fat old women are together playing bingo, and one of them gets a bingo, and they scream out “BINGO!” and begin waving their arms frantically in the air… the little bit of chicken fat or loose skin under the arm waves like a wing… So that’s a bingo wing! My sister is awesome and has the same struggle I do with her weight – so show a little support and stop by her blog. (And if she gets more visitors maybe she’ll update more frequently!!!!!! HINT HINT)

5) My last #BBAD (There’s lots more blogs I read but I can’t list ’em all.. well, I could, but I’m lazy) is a blog that’s new to me, but has been hugely inspiring. Go read All The Weigh by an awesome chick named Kenlie. She has a freakish talent at painting her nails herself, and her inspiring blog posts about weight loss (she’s lost 120 pounds – WOW!) are super motivating to a slacker like myself. I admire what’s she achieved, both online and off – and her blog is what I hope mine can one day become – a success story.