Fanny packs and cruiser bikes, oh my!

Hi everyone! Sorry I missed you yesterday… I have a few things cookin’ that swept me away for a little bit! Today I was thinking about fitness again, mostly because I felt guilty that I haven’t made it to the gym yet this week. There’s always something going on that seems to pull me away – going to Costco, working on homework, paying bills – you know. I’m the mayor of excuses village! As I was getting a little hard on myself about not making exercise a priority, I realized “But wait! I did buy a fanny pack, and I’m buying a bike!”. So let’s talk about that!

I love walking Lake Balboa Park, and I love hiking on weekends. One of my big issues with women’s fitness clothes is that they don’t include pockets! This leaves me in this awkward limbo where I carry my keys in one hand and my iPod in the other, or worse- I smash my iPod into my sports bra. (Yeah – I know. Classy, but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do!)

Fanny Packs are comin' back in style!

My stylish solution to this kerfuffle was to buy a FANNY PACK! Now don’t worry, it’s not covered in sequins or made of patchwork suede – it’s a perfectly reasonable, sporty “waist pack” from Nathan. See? There’s a handy little pouch for my iPod, my headphones, and my keys – and a convenient water bottle holder so I can quench my thirst as I go. Clever, right? I haven’t taken it out yet for a trial run, but I’m hoping this weekend I can do a hike or something and try out my stylish new fanny pack.

My second exciting fitness solution is that I’m buying myself a 7 speed cruiser bike! I have a really crappy bike that I teeter around on now to ride to the grocery store, but it’s really flimsy and doesn’t feel safe or reliable. I’ve been hunting on Craigslist for a used cruiser for awhile, but I found a bike wholesaler in LA that is open to the public. I am scoring this beauty for a great price – and it’s too cute, right? I opted for a 7 speed cruiser so I’d have a little more flexibility in where I can ride it. I’m super excited for a reliable and safe bike that I can ride all over town – to the post office, to the grocery store, to the farmer’s market – and also, on the beach when we go visit our West side friends.

Fito Modena from

So those are two fitness things going on with me – they’re steps towards becoming a more healthy, fit person. And here’s a picture of me with my cat,  because today was a great day because I also found out I won a scholarship! Yay! So enough about me – tell me what’s up with you- What are you up to?

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