Wacky Wednesday

Today’s Wacky Wednesday is brought to you by my sister April. She saw this advertisement recently while out on the town:

Yeah – exactly! I wish my “before” looked liked that. So, the after is a little more hour glassy, a little sexier – but still no ripped abs, and certainly not worth the torture that whatever new systems of levers and pullees to make you ripped would invoke! Ah- Advertising. The president of advertising at work (he’s my boss, and a pretty cool one at that) has this poster in his office:


Now, I’ve also been very busy at work lately, and I think I found the perfect solution to my busy lifestyle. Instead of going home for lunch to have a proper meal at a TABLE, with a fork and knife, I’m going to buy myself one of these.

Because, why waste valuable time holding a sandwich, when I could be knitting, playing the accordion or designing finger puppets, instead? Since I can’t put down my iPhone for my than 5 seconds, why not keep my ham-sammy a bite’s length away? Can you image using this thing with a Tuna Fish sandwich? Ew…. Smeary, wet fish everywhere. NOM NOM. Have you seen any weird, wacky or just plain dumb stuff around you lately?