April’s side dish of turkey tales

Salutations, blog readers!   Happy END-OF-NOVEMBER!  It’s been a crazy month and I’m quite stoked to see it come to an end and make way for a brand new month – THE LAST MONTH OF THE YEAR! OH, THE EXCITEMENT! WOOOO!

The Thanksgiving holiday arrived early in my circle of friends as we all feasted on copious amounts of shared food the weekend before so by the time the actual Thanksgiving came, my stomach was prepared to just say NO!  So much in fact, that when I awoke on Thursday morning at the first light of the silver fog shining through my window, my body immediately went into food rejection action by forcing me to spend some time bonding with my toilet rather than staying in bed and irritating my sister, Alyssa.   As I sat on the edge of my bathtub, I sent out my first Thanksgiving appreciations for the day to myself for scrubbing clean  the toilet only 12 hours previously the night before.  It’s funny because every time I throw up it conveniently happens to be within a very short time span of the last time I cleaned the toilet.

I came back into the room and told Alyssa my deepest regrets for letting myself eat Burger King’s onion rings the night before.  I knew my sickness was from the onion rings because this had happened to me months ago, perhaps the last time I had eaten them.  My body has a very poor time handling high-fat foods ever since I made the change in my eating habits to consuming mostly unprocessed whole foods.  Alyssa and I were supposed to be going on our first “Turkey Trot” together and I was worried that she might not believe me as we both knew that waking up to go walking in the cold on a day off was not at the top of my “MOST EXCITING THINGS TO DO” lists.

However, the Turkey Trot was still indeed on the top of my “MUST DO” list as I didn’t want to let Alyssa, my friend Melody, or all you lovely blog readers down.  I called Melody and let her know my ailments and said I wanted to drive separate in case I started to get sick again and had to come home.   Twenty minutes later we were pulling up to the parking lot and I was already feeling much better.

Our walk was up in the same region that I’m used to hiking so I knew that I could make it.  The only trouble I ever really have is on the first majorly steep hill that Alyssa discussed but by the time we trudged our fat asses up to the very top, I knew both of us were feeling very proud of ourselves for doing it.   We both fought battles with ourselves that morning with not knowing whether or not we would be able to survive such a walk. In the end getting those six miles done became a matter of dedication and a desire to just do it no matter what our minds or bodies were telling us.  If I had been on my own though, I know I would’ve spent my morning in bed under the fluff of my comforter instead.  Having other people that I felt dedicated to is what really got me out there on that hill that day.

How about you guys, how do you stay dedicated to your work out goals?   Is it easier to stay dedicated when you have people fighting the battle with you?

Until next time,

2012 Turkey Trot – My First 10k

April and I about a mile in.

Hello! Yes, blog friends, I have FINALLY received the card reader I complained about not having several times this week. Which means… PICTURES! VOILA! (Did you know that word is “Wah-lah!” For the longest time I just wrote wahlah. Had no idea it was Voila. Anyways, random is me.) So! All week I had been pumping myself up to do the third annual Petaluma Turkey Trot. Sure, I’d need to wake up earlier than I do for work, and sure, it’d be 44 degrees when we started, and sure, a large portion of the trail was up a steep, rocky hill. But, SURE, I could do it!

I arrived in Petaluma the night before and my sister and I spent the night awake and giggling like we have too many times. Finally, we knocked out around 1:45 AM, and I awoke the next morning to the blaring alarm clock set 14 minutes too fast (I guess delinquency runs in the family). My sister had an ailment that could have prevented her from going, but I’ll let her tell you all about that tomorrow. (She’s a trooper! Go April!) We got dressed, got in the car, and were on our way!

We showed up at the park at 8:38, where everyone was supposed to be meeting at 8:30. There were no turkey trotters in sight. Plenty of cars, but no people. Had we missed the turkey trot? Indeed we had! But, since we are super hardcore and were determined to come home with the glow of pre-feast fitness victory, we relied on our pal Melody’s trusty sense of navigation (and her phone) and created our own route. We were initially going to do the 5k track, but as we got going, catching up and BSing about life, the Sonoma Aroma filled our lungs and we were filled with motivation and inspiration, fueled by perspiration. We trudged forward, stopping to check out cows and compare manicures.

Reached the top of Helen Putnam Park without going into cardiac arrest. YAY!

Right before this picture was taken, I was sitting on a bench, breathing heavily, half wondering if I had overdone it on the huge, steep hill leading up to the nature trail called Helen Putnam Park. I had pushed myself forward, but it was a long, steep climb and all of a sudden I felt really out of breath and could tell I was having a pollen reaction, combined with hauling 50 extra pounds up a huge hill. (Long story short – when you have crazy allergies like I do, if you suddenly take in a lot of pollen or an inhalant, your body gets a little… fuzzy feeling. This can happen even with allergy meds ,and it sucks – it’s kind of like feeling super super tired all of a sudden yet panicky at the same time. It’s a big fat fail.) I sat on the bench, feeling frustrated and wondering why this all had to be so damn hard. Hadn’t I just said I was feeling more in shape? I said this aloud to my friend Melody (who has lost 70 pounds – SUPER STAR! She’s amazing!) – and she provided even more weight loss wisdom. “It’s hard, but you have to push through it. Just keep going. Just. keep. going.” She enunciated the last three words, and I realized, she’s right. Everything I’ve ever done that’s been worth doing has been HARD. Victory and success doesn’t come without major perseverance. I got off the bench… and I kept going.

The beautiful Petaluma, California

The rest of the trail was awesome, as we got on top of these hills which then took us through a beautiful wooded area, dappled with morning light and gently rolling fog. Once I made it past that hill, the rest of the hike was gravy. We were jolly and laughing the whole way down, proud that we had done something so good for ourselves on a day that’s usually good for the soul but bad for the arteries. By the time we got back to where we started, we had clocked 6.9 miles – just over a 10k, and according to MyFitnessPal, a 910 calorie burn. I think I need to make this a new Thanksgiving day tradition, because it made the rest of the day feel so rewarding. I felt great after my workout and I’m proud to say now that I can walk a 10k.

April, Melody and I after our Turkey Trot.

Have you or would you ever participate in a “turkey trot”?