Snacks on the trail.

First off, since Alyssa “gently encouraged” me to “stay accountable” in regards to my weigh-ins, I shall be honest.  I haven’t officially weighed in at Weight Watchers for four weeks, this Friday.

I’ve been super sick.

It is birthday season.

School is hard.

I’ve got my reasons, haha!  But the biggest reason I have yet to weigh-in is because I know I haven’t lost anything.  I’ve been up roughly two pounds the whole month, fluctuating up and down depending on how much birthday cake I ate the day before.

But whatever, I have accepted it and am getting real about exercising more since I’m officially registered for the 60 mile breast cancer walk.  I’ll go to a meeting on by the end of the week.  There, now I’m totally accountable.

April is at peace with her gain of two pounds for her month of April.

April is at peace with her gain of two pounds for her month of April.

I’ve been doing a bunch more hiking over the past few weeks with the help of inspiration from my random new nature buddy and his adventurous dog. Over this past weekend we wandered the woods for six miles. I was nervous about whether or not my sickness was going to make me pass out and fall over a steep edge, however I survived just fine as I had the help of something SO important to bring with you on long energy-depleting activities like hiking… SNACKS!

Staying nourished with snacks allows April to balance on fallen trees without falling.

Staying nourished with snacks allows April to balance on fallen trees without falling.

My buddy and I discussed how important we think it is to stay nourished during long hikes.   Besides hiking, this is a big thing for me through any activity as I start to get super dizzy and shaky if I go too many hours without some sort of food.  So snacks are super important for me to have with while hiking.  Typically I make an afternoon out of my nature activities and bring a sandwich for a picnic.  Snacks like bananas, apples, cheese sticks, oranges, granola bars, and popcorn are some of the other happy trail foods I’ve brought with me.  Of course, I’m always willing to carry a backpack with me and my precious Dakine backpack has a cooler built in, so bringing snacks that need chilling is no problem. 

What kind of snacks do you like to bring with you when you go on long adventures?






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5 thoughts on “Snacks on the trail.

  1. Two things. If you haven’t weighed in, how do you KNOW you’re up? and second, you really might have PCOS. Shaky feeling? Insulin resistance or hypoglycemia, major hallmark of PCOS. To the doctor, yo!

  2. I like taking granola bars, tangerines, roasted almonds, and these newly discovered vitamin/energy gel things…My husband introduced it to me, he said he would always take a few while out on long backpacking trips. This weekend my friend was feeling a little shaky on the trail and we gave her one, plus water, granola bar and an apple. After a little bit she felt way better!

    • Monique, that’s good to hear that gel stuff is actually decent! Maybe I’ll pick one up to try, thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  3. Love that your bag has a cooler. I always take almonds and a banana. Perhaps hard boiled egg with a cooler. 🙂

    PS – Your sister has a point (recognizing that sisters probably hate that).

  4. Snacks and meals are one of my favorite parts of hiking. No matter what the distance, I always pack tons of food and water. Even if I don’t eat it all, it’s about being prepared and a great way to keep energy up.

    Not to mention, you can usually find some incredible places to eat lunch on a trail.

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