Shrek Boots

Even though I’m a lovable larger lady, I try to keep up with the latest fashion trends, because nobody likes feeling like a frump, and I refuse to believe that a little (or a lot of)  extra body weight means I need to dress in muumuus and potato sacks. Part of keeping up with fashion trends meant scoring a pair of sweet faux leather calf-length boots for Christmas. It took me a long time to get used to “skinny jeans”, and I still kinda feel like a tomato teetering on a pair of toothpicks when I wear them, but in the name of fashion – I’ll try it. After I adjusted to skinny jeans in a plus sized body, I decided to take it one step further and go for the long and lean boot look that I see everyone wearing.

Even though I love my new boots, part of me couldn’t help but feel like Shrek as I caught my reflection in the gleaming glass doors at work. My legs just looked so stout and stubby – like two ham hocks stuffed into a pair of equestrian boots. I don’t even have particularly heavy legs, in fact, my long legs have always been a source of pride for me, as they are decidedly svelte compared to my round upper body. It’s probably just my own insecurities as I get used to wearing something that’s a little more “Los Angeles” and a little less “Sweatpants and cat hair”.

I wanted to look long and lean and trendy, like Prince Charming does. I still love my new boots, and I know I’ll get used to them, but they feel so fashion-forward that part of me feels a little bit backward.  Do you ever have a hard time feeling trendy? Is it something that you rock with total confidence, or do you have to ease into a new look like I do?

Shrek or Stylin'?





7 thoughts on “Shrek Boots

  1. A) You’re crazy. Cute is cute, and you have cute in droves.

    B) I’m insecure as all hell. And I didn’t even realize HOW insecure until I gained a few pounds. I say a few, even though it was 30 (which, admittedly, is a lot…especially in one year), because I was really dang skinny before. I just was, it was my body. But I didn’t realize that….until I gained weight. So, basically, I realized that I spent 33 years of my life never feeling like I looked good enough or couldn’t wear a bikini in public or wear shorts and then…AND THEN….I realized that I was actually a dumbass. And now I want to go back in time and throttle that skinny wench for being so insecure because you know what? I looked good then. I look good now. Weight? Be damned. Cute is cute. Insecurity is stupid. You look awesome.

    C) I have no idea if everything I just said only made sense in my head, but that’s usually how it goes in Layla land.

  2. You’re right. Sweat pants and cat hair aren’t trendy. However, sweatpants and dog hair (especially Golden Retriever dog hair) never goes out of style.

  3. You are totally crazy, because you look fabulous in this picture, but at the same time, I totally get it.

    Clothes sometimes don’t look the same way they do in the picture or on the maniquin on a body that’s got some extra curve to go around. That’s why I had to keep practicing how to wear my new poncho-like wrap in the mirror. I had to remind my self that just because I’m bigger, it doesn’t mean I automatically look like a walking couch with a throw blanket over it. I think it’s all about wearing whatever you wear with confidence that makes all the difference. As long as you think you’re working it, you probably will be.

  4. You are so stylish! I love it! I think you look great in your skinny jeans and new boots (super cute photo).

    I unfortunatley will never take part in the skinny jeans trend… I am a pear, and you can’t fit a pear in skinny jeans. At least not without killing the pear… or the pair of skinny jeans. 😉 I will forever be a bootcut girl. So I guess trendy is out of the question for me.

  5. I like the boots/skinny jeans look on you! Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time to get used to “owning” a look, ya know? At least, I feel like that sometimes when I try something new out…

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