Satiating Satay

Since food and fatness are indefinitely intertwined, I have to share our latest yummy meal – chicken satay! “Latest yummy meal” is actually a lie, because our latest yummy meal was tonight… I browned ground beef with onions, green peppers, corn and black beans, mixed in some taco seasoning, and covered it with lowfat cheese and cornbread mix… which turned into a cornbread fajita skillet! Yummy yummy. The only drawback was the cast iron skillet meeting Matt’s hand… and leaving a hot little sear mark on his palm. Oops.

But anyways! Chicken Satay! We marinated the chicken in curry for two days, and usedTyler Florence’ Peanut Sauce recipe. (Hi Alycia, lookin’ at you!) I only used half the requested lime juice, and I’m glad I just did half because it was plenty tangy. Here’s me mixing it up in the food processor:

Alyssa and her Pink Freddy Krueger Shirt

And here’s Matt skewering the chicken chunks with big slices of yellow onion:

Matt's SKEWED sense of Chicken Satay (get it? Heh)

I served it with some steamed broccoli, steamed basamati rice, and Thai cucumber salad. (Thai cuke salad = easiest thing in the world. Dice some cucumbers, shred some carrot, douse in rice wine vinegar, add white sugar to taste). It was super yummy – and not that unhealthy! Yes, the Peanut Butter certainly fattened things up, but this is a relatively lean meal with the appropriate amounts of starch, fat, protein and vegetable. I was curious if I’d like a peanut sauce made without coconut milk, but it was very good, in a tangy, rich sort of way – not as creamy, but definitely full-flavored.

Yummy in my Tummy

And for proof that it was good, check out this crazy person in eager anticipation of her upcoming meal:

I'm going to dub this crazed expression my "food face".

What was your last delicious, home-cooked meal?

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