San Diego Summer

Cousin Mark and his wife Debbie with us! <3

Hey everybody! Hope you had a fun and safe 4th of July. Last weekend, Matt and I drove south to San Diego to attend a going away party for my cousin Mark and his wife Debbie, and their awesome two kids (who were flower girls in our wedding!). They’re moving to Colorado so we wanted to make sure we stopped by to wish them well before they head out!


Flashback - Here's Mark and Debbie's girls, Dylan and Gwen as our flower girls!

Before the going away party, Matt and I got some lunch – and when in San Diego, you eat tacos! A few yelp reviews later, we landed at Los Honchos Tacos where I nommed on some pollo asado tacos loaded with cilantro and onions. When they got to the table I was a little surprised to see how oily the tortillas were, so I only ate one tortilla – they were wrapped in two tortillas. Calorie-buster #1!

Then, we headed to Koby’s Swap Meet, where I saw some very random things being sold – like a half used canister of italian seasoning and a 3-legged live bullfrog. I bought these stunna shades for a whopping $4, some cucumbers (3 for $1! who could resist?), a vintage tea pot for $5 (it now has an african violet planted in it), a car wash sponge, and a hoodie. All of that for like $30. I love flea markets.

My new stunna shades and my cutie-pie Gwennie!

Once we got to the party, we had a good time catching up with our cousins and enjoying the amazzzzzing feast of Filipino delights! Debbie is filipino, and I secretly hoped the party would have Lumpia. Lumpia are kind of like egg rolls – usually filled with spiced pork and other things and deep fried. Well – my hopes were fulfilled when my nose led me to this gigantic dish of dreams:

I only had three, but believe me, it took major restraint to not make like a klepto and stuff them in my purse on the way out. In addition to lumpia, there was every type of dish you could dream of: cupcakes, curry, some sort of beef/blood thing, roast beef, fresh fruit, fried rice, sushi type things, chicken katsu, bacon wrapped hot dogs, teriyaki chicken, strudels, pies…. the list goes on!

Nom nom nom

While I sampled a little bit of everything, I realized something that usually doesn’t dawn on me until it’s too late – I don’t need to finish everything I took. It feels wasteful, but there’s nobody standing over me scolding me if I don’t finish every bite of my hot dog. I ate until I was full, but not gross full.

The dessert table

Since it was my second-cousin Dylan’s 9th birthday party too, we got to watch all of the kids in attendance whack the pinata. I have to say, if you ever want to see craziness, watch kids attack a fallen pinata. It was incredibly amusing and made me slightly fear for the future…. because if Matt and I have a child that has even half of my smart-assness and his mischief, we’re gonna be in trouble.

In summary, it was a great weekend and it was so nice to connect with Debbie and Mark and the girls before they move. What’d you do last weekend?


3 thoughts on “San Diego Summer

  1. What a fun time!!! All that food looks amazing… I wish we had smell-o-vision over blog posts. And please explain WHY you didn’t swoop up that three-legged frog? LOL. Also I’m going to need tacos now after seeing yours, so THANKS!

  2. I’m more than surprised that Matt didn’t buy that frog. He could stuff him and put him next to the armadillo……..

  3. It was a great time and those pictures do not do justice to the fantastic spread they had! Seriously, panoramic camera wouldn’t have even covered it.

    Also, the frog was still alive! Barely, but hoping he found a good home or someone to kiss him.

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