Run today for Boston

Hi Everybody,

I had planned to write a post about trying to get off diet coke but it is far too trivial in light of today’s tragic event at the Boston marathon. While tragedies happen every day around our world and it’s all too easy to avoid them because they’re not close to home, I watched the news horrified today, thinking of bloggers I’ve met in person who were running in today’s event. Thankfully, tonight, they are all accounted for.

I just can’t even imagine the awful transition from the “I’m finishing a marathon!” endorphins to the sheer panic, terror and chaos of a bomb or explosion right in front of you. Please think of the people in Boston today – and not only in Boston, but those who face tragedy and disaster on a daily basis.

Today, I’ll skip my Zumba class for a run – I’ll attempt to do another mile without stopping, a small feat compared to those running 26 miles towards smoke and fire to help people who were hurt.

We’ll be back tomorrow with something a little lighter. Have a good day 🙂 *Hug*




2 thoughts on “Run today for Boston

  1. i did 3 of the hardest miles of my life on a jet lagged body just because i wanted to support my fellow runners and let them know they wont go through this alone!

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