Ridgecrest Herbals Review and Giveaway: Natural Energy and Adrenal Fatigue Fighter

I’ve never been a coffee person. At first, I didn’t like the taste — it was far too bitter and acidic for me. I stuck to my strongly caffeinated British tea and diet coke at lunch, just enough caffeine to give me a quick hit to get through the afternoon. Then, I went to grad school while working full-time, and my husband, a pot a day kinda guy, swore that this would be it, that I’d come over to the dark side and succumb to the coffee gods. It didn’t happen! I started to embrace mochas and lattes more, but never became a daily coffee drinker. Fast forward a few years, and I had my first baby. I was deep in the throes of exhaustion and broken, scant sleep, and again, my husband hoped this would be it, that he’d have someone to share his addiction with. Still didn’t happen. Two years later, another baby. STILL no coffee, but am trying to kick my diet coke habit, and am relying heavily on my morning black tea to wake me up. Well, hopes of caffeine addiction aside, I’ve found a little something that puts pep in my step without stimulants, taurine, or yellow food coloring — and it’s from Ridgecrest Herbals.

Adrenal Fatigue Fighter

Waaaaaay back what feels like 10,000 years ago, I went to Shiftcon, and met Will and Nicole. I instantly hit it off with them, and could tell I was with my people. I had a really deep and heartfelt chat with Will about my struggles with weight, and I happened to win their coloring contest by doodling a psychedelic third eye on Will’s forehead. They sent me home with some Thyroid Thrive and Adrenal Fatigue Fighter, and woo, Nellie, let me just say! Adrenal Fatigue Fighter is nice because when you take it you don’t really feel like you took anything, you just feel more alert and focused. Focused is a very good feeling for an ADHD Social Media Manager whose time is spent darting from one platform to the next all day. And I mean, look at this product description. My copy-writer loving heart swoons. “Let’s talk about Adrenal Fatigue Fighter. But could you give me twenty minutes? I just got a call – my toddler bit someone and they say I have to go and apologize to the kid’s mother. Oh, but I have an appointment at twelve to get my oil changed. So maybe two? Oh, wait, I already have a meeting then. Can we pick up this discussion around three? I’ve got from 3:06-3:10 free, does that work for you? Bear with, just need to answer this text…”

Also, Adrenal Fatigue Fighter is packed with powerful herbs like Astragalus Root. “First appearing in the original text of the Divine Husbandman, Astragalus root is one of the 50 core herbs in TCM. Adopted in western culture as a supplement, it is often used to aid sleep, boost energy, and promote a healthy libido. It is also often used to support effective urine flow, promote clear breathing, and help sustain a positive metabolism.” I saw an acupuncturist for a year following my pregnancy with Holly, and she talked often of the poers of Astragalus. My best friend is also on a kick with Ashwagandha, which is an Ayurvedic herb, in Sanskrit Ashwagandha translates to the “smell of a horse,” and is traditionally believed to impart the energy and vigor of a stallion to those who use it. Science has shown Ashwagandha to include alkaloids, choline, fatty acids, withanolides, and amino acids, which support a number of bodily systems. With over 200 scientific studies done, Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb often used to promote calm, support cognitive health, and help protect a healthy immune system.”

That’s just two of many potent and powerful herbs in Adrenal Fatigue Fighter. I’ve been using it as needed on days when I feel sluggish, and you can take the dose you feel like you need. Usually just one is perfect for me some extra energy without any of the jitters I get from coffee. Despite the fact that these herbs actually work, I really like the company ethos of Ridgecrest Herbals. Will was telling me during the huge Santa Rosa fires (adjacent to my hometown), they shipped pallets of Clear Lungs and Anxiety Free supplements to the region, just to help people out. That’s such a thoughtful thing to do — and other than goodwill and admiration, RC Herbals didn’t expect a thing. You don’t often hear about companies stepping up like that these days.


Now, to further add to RC Herbals awesomeness, they’re giving away 1 bottle of ClearLungs and 1 bottle of SinusClear, in addition to a few other small goodies. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below — and if you run into any troubles, leave a comment! PS – I’m heavily weighting extra giveaway entries for social media action, because Ridgecrest deserves to see some buzz about their brand. GOOD LUCK!

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