Review: EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale

When I started Thailand 20 Tuesday, I began recording my daily weigh-in number in a shabby little notebook. I believe one page had a wad of gum stuck on it and the other had notes from reporting jobs past, probably bad quotes about student council meetings. It was convenient but definitely not ideal. Thankfully, the kind folks over at Eat Smart felt their spidey-senses tingling and sent me the awesome new Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale to test out and review!

Here’s the scale in its packaging. I like the minimalist design of the packaging – not a lot of distraction, just focus on the scale inside. The box wasn’t a pain to open, and they include the batteries needed for the scale, which is HUGE. There is nothing worse than getting a shiny new gadget and realizing you don’t have you what you need to use it.

What I love most about this scale is how sleek it is. It’s very thin and is perfect tucked into a corner. My old scale was nice, but didn’t have the same slim design as this one, and more often than not, my cat used it as a launch pad to attack her brother. (Lucia loves this new scale, too though – she’s been “Weighing” herself every day.

The set up for the tracking is super easy – you basically step on, then step off and it records you as user 1. I laughed the second time I got on because apparently the cat had used the scale right after me, and my tracker showed a gain of 200+ pounds. Yeaaah… Sometimes I feel like I gain weight that quickly! This scale is ideal too because it tracks the weight of 8 different people – so Matt and I can keep tabs on what our supply of leftover Halloween candy is doing to us. (Cats can apparently monitor their weight, too.) This is a WAY better solution for tracking your weight loss than using a shabby little notebook! It also shows the weight you’ve lost as a percentage point too – which is fun, because once I hit 10% I’ll be celebrating!

This scale is well-made, very attractive in design and does what it needs to do very well – weigh people, and keep track of their weight. My only complaint is frivolous, and only one that I’d come up with – the glass platform is cold in the morning. That is ridiculous and not even something that should have been typed out loud, because every scale in the world is like that, but with 55 degree winter here in Southern California, my tootsies get chilly at my morning weigh in. (I can just hear you all – “Wear socks!”. And yes, I can see that you’re playing the world’s smallest violin just for me!)

If you’re interested in buying this scale, it’s listed for a sweet $44.95 on right now – originally $100! Eat Smart did provide me this scale for free in exchange for a review, but I’d be just as complementary of this product if I had bought it on my own. I urge you to check it out – and if you need a food scale, they’re the leader in the market. (I think I should go work for EatSmart!)

What’s your bathroom scale like? Anyone want my old one? 😛

4 thoughts on “Review: EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale

  1. I was using Sophie’s scale for awhile–except that it was in kgs…which was problematic because I was too lazy to do the conversions. Now I just sneak into my roommate’s bathroom and use his scale. 🙂

  2. I might be in the market for a new scale soon so my eye is on this. We have TWO, but they are always TOTALLY different! It’s gotten pretty frustrating 🙁 Do you find this one to be accurate to what you are thinking?

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