Reality Check

Today, I got a reality check. When I weighed in at the gym three weeks ago, I wasn’t happy about what I saw. Today, I REALLY got a reality check at my first Weight Watchers meeting at work. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I gotta keep it real, because that’s my promise to you, reader. That’s what blog is for. I’ve gained about 9 pounds back out of the 12 I’ve recently lost. Ugh. It sucks. But I can’t sit here and whine and pretend that I don’t know why it happened. It happened because I celebrated the end of my semester with delicious things like Bailey’s Irish Cream, and because I ate gooey brie cheese on top of triscuits at midnight while playing Monopoly. It happened because I took a break from the treadmill in favor of my couch, and because I got so wrapped up in buying gifts and taking finals and traveling and sleeping and this and that, that I forgot about the real goal.

What’s the silver lining? The silver lining is that it’s never too late to start over – and today, I started over. I am committing to you, to this blog, and most importantly, to myself, that next week I will have lost some weight. It doesn’t matter if it’s half of a pound or four, but next week, the scale will be ticking downwards. It has to be. There’s no better time than now – while I have the support of my co-workers as we all battle the bulge together, and while I have the clean slate of a fresh new year

. I’m going to be tracking my points on my iPhone, and working out at least three times a week. I’ll use my little sticker calendar plan to chart my work outs, and I’ll drink more water. I’ll try to avoid snacks as a remedy for stress, and more than ever, I’ll use this blog as an outlet. I have to do this, because I realized with some remorse the other day, that every year, my resolution is the same. To lose weight. Next year, I don’t want the same resolution. I want to do this now, while I’m young and sparky. Several of my more “mature” friends have warned me that it’s a million times better to shed the weight now, so I gotta do it. I must. I can. I will.

What was the last reality check you had about something you’ve been avoiding, ignoring or had just plain forgotten about?

3 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. You know that thing called a Lit. Review? That I was supposed to have completely re-written by the time school started…and that video I was supposed to edit…? Yeah. Reality check FAIL. Hmmm. I guess I can continue not sleeping! lol

  2. Good for you, gal. It’s better to say, hey I realize this and am going to work on it than to just ignore it and keep doing what you’ve been doing. I was watching this YouTube video of this woman in her 90’s, dancing. And I was looking at how difficult it was for her to simply lift her foot off the ground without losing her balance. Not lifting it high, either…just barely lifting it. And she was in GREAT shape and able to do that at 90. It made me realize that if she could do that, it’s because she took care of her body. And because she did so, she had the freedom of movement, even if it was diminished. It made me realize that I love the freedom of movement, and I want to reap the benefits of it at my young age, for as long as I can.

  3. I totally did that too…before the holidays I was working out consistently and eating healthfully, then between holidays and getting sick I’m feeling less fit than I was. I totally hear you…keep it up!

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