Random Thursday Thoughts

Hello friends, how are you? I’m glad it’s Thursday! I don’t have one big topic to talk about today so instead I thought I’d share a bunch of little things that have me thinkin’.

On Sunday, I got a B-12 shot at Sprouts Farmer’s Market. I’ve read a lot about B12 and how it can be a wonder vitamin in curing fatigue, allergies, anxiety and sluggish weight loss – all things that ail me. I decided to invest for $30, as $30 for a “cure” for all those things would be well worth it. Sadly, it’s 5 days in and I haven’t noticed a damn bit of difference. Anyone had any luck with B12 shots? I read somewhere online that it will only help if you have a deficiency of B12, so maybe my B12 levels are A-OK.

Lucia hates that I work from home because it means daily cat photographs. She loves our bed too.

This is the third time that I have set my alarm for early in the morning to go work out… and I don’t go. As in, I put on snooze, snuggle into the sheets and revel in the glory of a warm cat curled up at my feet, a sweetly snoring husband by my side and soft rays of light streaming in through the blinds. Since we upgraded our bed last year to an extra plush cal-king, this bed is like my kryptonite. I’m back to working out at night which is fine, but I really want to give AM exercise a try to see if it helps boost my energy. Anybody got any tips?

The Sleek EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale

I got a new scale! The kind folks at EatSmart are genius and somehow knew that I’m tracking my daily weigh-ins in a shabby little notebook, and they sent me the awesome EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Scale to review. It actually tracks my daily weight and gives a summary of percentage lost and weight lost. I love it so far – watch for a full review tomorrow or Monday.After this week’s maintenance weigh in, I’m happy to report I’m back on a downward trend. I’m committed to coming back here next Tuesday and telling you I’m back on goal!

Melora Creager at the Key Club, Hollywood

Tuesday night, Matt and I went to see Rasputina! Rasputina is an awesome lady cello rock band, and they use distortion pedals on their cellos to make this totally awesome, funky, haunting cello rock. It’s not for everyone but it’s awesome. It was fun getting out of the house and being wild and crazy on a Tuesday night. Usually a wild and crazy Tuesday night for us is going to Costco. That’s how married folks roll, kids. (PS – we bought Halloween candy at Costco and I purposely got candy I don’t like so I stay out of it. The bag is sitting untouched by our book shelf. Maybe I’m getting the hang of this whole healthy livin’ thing! The old Alyssa would have bought the mega size bag of deliciousness and cracked into it weeks before Halloween… and then the kiddies would have gotten stuck with whatever lame candy was left on the grocery store shelves. Womp womp.)

That’s all I got! I hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday – and also, follow me on instagram @lyssacurran. It’s my new fav social platform!


6 thoughts on “Random Thursday Thoughts

  1. Good job on getting candy that you don’t like! I took a pumpkin roll to a friend’s brunch last weekend – cream cheese frosting is so gross to me. They loved it. Let me know when you figure out the working out in the morning issue. I’ve tried sleeping my workout clothes – didn’t work…Move the alarm across the room?…One day…one day…

  2. hey there!!

    biggest suggestions i can make for morning exercise – set up your alarm clock to where you would have to physically get out of bed to turn it off [or have your usual alarm clock, then set your phone’s alarm clock for 5-10 minutes later so you have time to adjust], make sure your work out clothes are within reach – make it as easy as you possibly can for yourself to get out and get moving. also – eat something immediately upon waking up – it tells your body that it is time to wake up and start your metabolism. this can be something small, like an energy bar, piece of fruit, etc.

    for my sunday runs [which usually have me up at 6:30ish] i have something funny written on my iphone [which is my alarm] that gets me smiling and not so focused on the fact that i am getting up to exercise.

    good luck!

  3. I have a hard time getting up early too! That’s why I run after work or lunch hour. GIRL you work from home don’t make yourself get up early!!!!!! So silly. And that new scale looks so fancy schmancy!

  4. Don’t you just love Sprouts?! We recently got a couple of stores here in my area, and I am in love. I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s in 2 months (part of that is the fact that I’m on Jenny Craig, and not buying anything besides produce and dairy). I think the investment in the B12 shot is a good one.

    My advice for waking up out of a comfy bed is to put your alarm in another room so that you’re forced to get up and turn it off. That way, you have to get up to turn it off and it will be much more likely that you’ll put on the workout clothes and head out. Good luck! It’s not easy to do, but it’s SO worth it for the sense of accomplishment and energy you get.

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