Pumpkin Party!

Contemplating the future of my perfect, round pumpkin

On Saturday, Matt and I headed up north to Ventura to do some outlet mall shopping and visit our friends for a pumpkin carving party!

I ended up carving a kitty, and Matt carved a headless horseman. Here are all the pumpkins lined up after carving. Pretty amazing, huh?

while carving the pumpkins was super awesome, the hostess definitely out did herself with a sumptuous Oktoberfest themed menu! Look at how delicious everything looks.

Because I am a glutton for punishment and you just HAVE to see some close-ups, look at how detailed this party food is! There were chocolate mice (with licorice tails and almond eyes).

There were “Devil” eggs, with red bell pepper horns and scallion beards. (mmmm deviled eggs. I could eat this whole platter.)

There were black widow spider cupcakes, with cute little licorice legs:

My personal favorite, cat poop cookies:

And last but not least, a “bleeding heart” red velvet cheesecake dip. This was SO yummy but I had the good sense to try two little graham crackers of it and then stay far away, lest the hostess find me under the table at the end of the night with smears of dip around my face and unbuttoned jeans.

I actually did just fine with all of this delicious food, and allowed myself a little bit of everything, but kept in moderation. I’m determined to come back tomorrow with a rockin’ Thailand 20 result for you – and as yummy as everything was, I can’t go off-plan every time I see something delicious because that would be all the time. Have you gone to any Halloween parties yet? Were they as amazingly decorated and full of awesome treats like this one? Share!

The Hostess’ Pumpkin – She carved this free hand. I know. Insane! So talented!

4 thoughts on “Pumpkin Party!

  1. I went to a Halloween party in Ventura County this weekend too! It was pretty cool–a band, a bar, a taco stand, a candy bar and a reggae band played! Those snacks look too pretty to eat. I’m a big fan of deviled eggs too–I like making a big platter of them during Easter and pig out on them with my future sis-in-law.

  2. Oh my gosh. I love pumpkin carving (and B doesn’t care and is never home so we didn’t do it this year) and yours look so good. But SERIOUSLY… that food? I am in AWE! It’s one thing to have these ideas (I know pinterest helps) but whoever did these at the party should be given a book deal. They are SO well done! Not at all one of those “nailed it!” pinterest fails… they are totally professional. I am very jealous, this looks like a fun and VERY delicious evening!

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