Running is something you do when a bear is chasing you.

In my adult life, I’ve watched several close friends of mine become runners. My own husband invested in fancy shoes and fancy stay-dry shirts, and giddily skipped out the door on balmy evenings to run around the neighborhood. My bestie Jason was the same way – he started with short sprints around his neighborhood and is now an avid 10k and 5k runner. My bloggie pal Alycia is getting ready for a half marathon (did you guys know she’s lost over 60 pounds?! AMAZING!) My other bloggie pal KJPugs is running another 5k this weekend, with a fabulous tutu to boot. (She’s also lost a crap ton of weight! You guys rock!). Two of my gal pals Shelley and Amy are also avid runners, waking up at the crack of dawn to run marathons and clock in major mileage. I admire them all.

I, however, could never fathom myself as a RUNNER. Running is something you do when a bear is chasing you. It’s something you do when there’s a fire, or a snake slithering in your backyard. It’s something you do if you’re delightfully in shape, a spring in your step and a blistered foot in your Asics. Running? Not for me.

I much prefer my torture exercise in “stay mostly in one place” cardio form, like Zumba or boxing. However, something strange has happened in the past year. Maybe it was our Thanksgiving Turkey Trot. Maybe it was the fact that despite what the scale says, I feel stronger and leaner. Maybe it’s because this looks like way too much fun to pass up!

On February 2, I’ll be participating in my first ever “official” 5k, The Color Run! I’ve done 5ks before without knowing they were 5ks, like the World Walk for Water. But this is the first 5k I’m doing consciously, as in like, wow, maybe I can even RUN part of this thing. If I can’t run it all, fine, no problem, no pressure. But once I’m back from Thailand I’m going to pick up my Couch to 5K app again, and get movin’. Wouldn’t that be an amazing thing – to actually RUN a 5k? I think I can. You guys inspire me to try.

What do you think about events like the Color Run – does it look crazy fun to you too or like too much of a mess?

10 thoughts on “Running is something you do when a bear is chasing you.

  1. Go for it! I don’t consider myself a runner either…the only way I’ve been able to consistently run is when we had a friend meet up with us and then I just HAD to go because he was there and I couldn’t be lazy in front of a friend! I saw a Groupon or Living Social thing for the Color Run and I considered it for a moment. Maybe I’ll join you? I saw some people on Instagram posting pictures of this glow in the dark 5k in Long Beach 9I think) that looked really fun. I think when they add something to the event it makes it more fun than a regular 5k/run/race. It’s seems less serious and more about the experience!

  2. You can totally run a 5k!!! I’ve semi-started the Couch to 5K and it’s going well. Can’t wait to kick that into full gear soon and run that 5k!!

  3. So I definitely ran from a bear once (although, upon telling other people this, apparently this is NOT the best course of action…I say as long as you outrun the other person, you’re fine.) But I totally feel ya on the running=torture front. However, the color run sounds like it will be a cool experience apart from the running lol

    PS. I’ll take a dance class or pretty hike ANY day over running (and now I’ve angered the jogging gods.)

  4. Believe it or not, I used to be a runner. Whoever owns my first house is probably wondering what all those damn numbers and dates written on the garage wall are. Then the kids came along and that was pretty much the end of my running. We didn’t have those fancy all-terrain jogging strollers back in my day, no-siree-bob!

  5. thank you for the shout out 🙂

    the color run is on my bucket list of runs to complete. I am sure you will have a blast and it is all about the fun – so not about the time you finish or how you finish. Go for the fun of it and I guarantee you will enjoy it and not even realize how you just completed over 3 miles.

    .. also if you are looking for podcasts to go with your training, Kendall and I used to download for our runs. She has a pre-selected track list and she chimes in to let you know when to walk and when to run. It was nice because I didnt have to think of anything other than it is almost over, lol!

  6. hey this sounds like fun. i’m not a running either, but if you have a team of people going can i join in? maybe we can all train or set up training days? i’m so out of shape that a lot of training will be needed.

  7. YAYYY RUNNING! Honestly girl, THAT is how I thought of running until a few months ago!!! I still kind of do! I can’t fathom a 10k or more. Seriously, I am so proud of you for wanting to get into it… what I like most is that it’s (mostly) free. Yeah, you need some gear but it’s not a necessity, like a gym membership is. I wanted to do the color run here but it sold out and it’s also in the ghetto. BUT, I am doing another run the same day as your color run, in Tybee Island GA, with my sister!!!!

    If you struggle at all with C25K (I lost the ability to handle it during week 3… running 90 seconds was too much for me over the course of a half hour – check out the Jeff Galloway program. It’s AMAZING. I feel so much stronger and more capable than I did doing C25K. I don’t know that I’ll ever run fully without doing walking intervals. But I don’t care, cause I feel awesome doing my 13-14 minute miles and know I can improve on that!

    We need to talk more about running soon! OR- just come to FL and do a 5k with me?!?!?!?!?!? PRETTY PLEASE?!!??!!

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