In 2012, Alyssa had lost 26 pounds (notice the HAD? Sad trombone), and then in four months after eating 1,400 calories a day and exercising 3-5 times a week, she gained 20 of it back. Weird, right? She felt like something was off, and she went to the doctor in June 2013 and found out she has PCOS – a common endocrine hormonal disorder that affects obesity and hormone regulation in women. Now Alyssa is starting over by working closely with her doctor and following a supplement and medication regimen in addition to a low-glycemic diet. She’s using MyFitnessPal, a free app, to track calories and fitness to help her lose weight. She has a total of 79.8 pounds to lose… no big deal, right? *gulp* You can follow along on the blog, and hopefully, she’ll remember to update this page as she loses weight!

22 pounds down as of 4/1/14!


Wanna see progress pix? Click here!