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I was excited to hear from Alyssa while I was away in Europe that another product review was waiting for me upon my return!  I’ve mentioned my love of energy drinks like Redbull and Rockstar before, so I was definitely down to give another brand a try.   I know they’re not exactly healthy, but sometimes I just need a bit of a pick-me-up in liquid form and being that I hate coffee and tea takes time to make, I occasionally reach for something easier.

All five flavors of Knockout Energy

My energy drink habit costs me around $3 per can, depending on whether or not I’ve chosen the right location that features a sale.  The first great thing about Knockout Energy is that they’re only $1 plus taxes to “The Man”, as it says on the can. The company was kind enough to send me 5 of their flavors of drinks.

They have their “Original” flavor which is a citrus taste that I liked best.  There also is a low-carb version of the original for all those who don’t want to consume all the extra sugar.  Another low-carb version is found in their next flavor, “Punch”.  I think the punch flavor was quite tasty and reminded me a lot of the kind of fruit punch I would drink in a blue box.  The low-carb version was incredibly similar in taste to the full-sugar version so that’s a perk that you’re not losing much of the taste.  However, honestly, I didn’t drink too much of the low-carb versions because they both have Splenda in it, something that I have a big sensitivity to.

April’s trying out the Monkey Punch!

The final flavor is called “Monkey Punch” and upon my first sip, I immediately thought, “Mmm, pina colada.”  The flavor that Knockout Energy managed to produce seems to be a blend of banana and coconut, though there definitely could have been other things going on.  Upon following my pina colada thought, I realized that this drink would probably be quite delicious with some rum and a splash of orange juice.  I’m not a big drinker, but I know many people who love to mix energy drinks with booze so if you happen to be one of them – know that Monkey Punch would be the perfect addition to a new cocktail.

Here are some details of the nutrition value of the Original drink:

Original Knockout Energy Drink

Per 8 oz. serving (2 servings per can)

Calories – 110

Total fat – 0

Sodium – 220 mg

Total Carbs – 28g

Sugars – 27g

Protien – 0

Caffeine – 80mg

Niacin – 100%

Vitamin B6 – 250%

Vitamin B12 – 80%

Pantothenic Acid – 50%


The low-carb version of this drink chimes in at only 15 calories per serving, 220 mg of sodium, 4 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of sugar.  There is the same amount of caffeine and the same amount of vitamins.

Knockout Energy is available throughout the United States and Canada.  If you’re looking for a retailer near you, click on this sentence for their website that will guide you in the right direction.  

You can also check out their Facebook page here:   and Twitter:

I’m grateful for the chance to try something new and you have an opportunity to give this low-cost but high flavor drink a try, let us know!

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  1. I love your punch poem, I recently was assaulted in a women’s bathroom in a public library. Your poem brought me back to life. I’m not young and your words gave me inspiration, empowerment, plus gave me a charge not to be sad anymore. For that I send you many blessings and thanks!!

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