Probiotic Power?

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about probiotics. Probiotics are apparently good little bacteria that live in your digestive tract and make sure everything’s moving smoothly. (I’ll try as hard as I can not to be crass in this post, but let’s be honest – digestive enzymes have a lot to do with POOP. Sorry. TMI. I won’t get into the details…)

Does a belly good!

I was watching some trash on TV and saw the usual commercials hawking probiotic products. Then, I was browsing in Sprouts and saw this intriguing little carton of juice called “Good Belly”. It was $3.99 and offered a money back guarantee if you take the “ 12 Day Good Belly” challenge. I chose the cranberry watermelon flavor and began my “regimen” that night. Good Belly juice tasted good, but was a little more thick than normal juice. There was a slightly powdery type of residue at the bottom of the cup that was a little unnerving, but I tried to think of it as happy little sea monkeys that would cheerfully clean my intestines.

Bottoms Up!

So how was my 12 day challenge? Let’s put it this way – things were regular, but not urgent, if you catch my drift. I didn’t notice any particular amazing changes, but I also eat greek yogurt daily. Did it transform my metabolism and turn me into a lean, mean pooping machine? No, but maybe in some secret, unidentifiable way, the helpful bacteria are cleaning up in there, whisking along fat and savoring antioxidants and nutrients.

Are you a believer in probiotics? Have you had any first hand experience or do you think it’s hocus pocus?

One thought on “Probiotic Power?

  1. I believe in probiotics in one particular situation: when traveling, especially to a foreign country with either 1) questionable water or 2) unpasteurized dairy.

    For instance, when I first went to Israel, I made the mistake of thinking that the dairy was fine—well, it WAS delicious, but bc it wasn’t all pasteurized, it wreaked havoc on my insides. This past summer, I started taking them a couple weeks before going and continued taking them while I was there and I did just fine.

    I think they’re also recommended after getting serious food-poisoning as a way to re-colonize your gut with the nice little critters that will allow you to go on functioning as a human eating solids.

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