Pre-Vacation Weekly Weigh In

Hello! I weighed in yesterday at the gym… and I had a GIGANTIC loss of 2.2 pounds! I know some people can drop 8 or even 10 pounds in one weigh in – but 2.2 is a rather large loss for me. Think of two pounds of deli meat. That’s A LOT! I’ve now lost a total of 8 pounds, which feels great as I am SO close to that 10 pound mark – and once you start knocking off 10 pounds, the total goal doesn’t feel so bad.

It’s actually exciting for me too because I had set a personal goal to lose 10 pounds by the time I went to Chicago for my vacation – and I leave Tuesday. I didn’t make it to 10, but 8 is damn near.

Now – the way I lost this weight probably isn’t ideal – I’ve been pretty stressed out with how busy things have been – but the bottom line is, being obese is being obese and losing a few pounds from stress isn’t going to hurt me. (But the stress is – so I’m workin’ on that 😉 )

View of Chicago from the John Hancock Observatory on my last trip there!

I leave for my trip very soon, and I feel more inspired to go and not TOTALLY pig out. There will be pigging out, let’s be honest, but hopefully it won’t be so catastrophic that next time I check in I’ve put on all I lost. If I don’t chat with you before I go, have a wonderful week!

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