Plus-Sized Pretty: Professional Edition

Hi everybody! How are you doing?

I’ve started my new job and love seeing all of the beautiful clothes women wear to the office. It’s got me thinking that it’s time to go shopping! Feeling put-together and primped always helps me feel on top of my game. Here’s a few looks I’d love to grab to update my work-wear wardrobe. Do you have any go to outfits for work? What are they?


This faux two-piece dress has an adorable pink and white bird print that I think is so fun and playful. With how trendy birds are lately, I feel like it’d be spot on with fashion trends but also comfortable and casually chic at the office. I love the little tie at the neck – very Mad Men!

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

While I’m on, I couldn’t help but pin another cute bird dress! I love the birds on the line and the vintage cut of this dress, which would be flattering on chicks with “birthing hips” like myself!

Source: via Alyssa on Pinterest

While I wouldn’t wear this ensemble with white pants, I love the pop of purple underneath this fun dalmation print cardi. You’d certainly stand out among the cubicles in this peppy puppy print.

This shirt is adorable and $7! Um, sign me up! I love lightweight and airy tunic tops like these because they’re casual, yet flattering, and match well with almost anything. Wear a tank underneath to make sure there’s no scandalous slippage and you’ll be in good shape.

I have one blazer and can tell I need to drastically improve my collection. I like this one because the sateen gives an ordinary outfit a bit more shine, and the shorter sleeve length is nice for offices with stuffy air conditioning. One thing I’ve noticed though, it’s crazy hard to find a cute plus blazer that isn’t super boring! Anyone have any tips for me?


I need to get out of my black pant rut, and I think another go-to look for a work wardrobe is a nice pair of khaki slacks. This will go better with some lighter blue and green colored tops I have.

That’s all I can find for now, but tell me – where’s your favorite work wardrobe shopping spot? I’m definitely disappointed at the lack of cute plus-size blazers I’m finding, so if you have any good ideas, please please please let me know!


4 thoughts on “Plus-Sized Pretty: Professional Edition

  1. I literally love EVERY SINGLE THING you posted. I would wear them all. I bet we are a similar size, please move to FL (I know, totally convenient) and then we can double each of our wardrobes by sharing!!!!!!!!!!! And I LOVE eShakti, I am wearing a dress from there to a wedding in August!!!

  2. I love everything I see her, and I have that exact blazer in gray. Sadly, it’s the *only* blazer I have because they’re tough to find.

    I’ve never tried eShakti, but I’m going to look at their site now.

    PS I can totally see you rocking the Mad Men style..

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