One month down – the rest of my life to go!

It’s been five weeks of weigh-ins now with Weight Watchers now and I am happy to announce that I am down 7.6 pounds!

April's one-month progress!

April’s one-month progress!


A few days ago I was beating myself up for not being able to give up the liquid sugar that I like to indulge on.  I swear, giving up sugar is harder than it was for me to give up smoking cigarettes!!  I’m not AS bad as I was a few months ago with it and it’s not like I’m getting a Big Gulp 60 oz soda each day.  I just have weak moments where I cave and get a can of 12 oz Redbull or a can of soda.  160 calories.  7 points.

However, for as low my willpower is when it comes to giving up the drinks, I’m doing great in other ways!  Instead of dwelling on  the negative, here is what I’m proud of for the past month!

–  I’ve been able to avoid high-fat and high-calorie foods quite easily.  I can count on one hand the food items of things that had over 300 calories and still have two fingers leftover.  Pizza, cheeseburger, and ice cream – you were AMAZING.  But I’m glad I only succumb to your greatness just that once.

–  I’ve been exercising!  I haven’t been doing it necessarily at the gym but I have been going on a lot more walks, hikes, and had a great time skiing earlier this month!

– I’ve been great at reminding myself the impact of each poor dietary choice could make!  I’ve wanted to get frozen yogurt so many times but I keep myself happy by eating the tubes of yogurt from Trader Joe’s that I stick in my freezer.  FROZEN YOGURT. BAM.  60 calories.  2 points.

I just registered with a 6-month promo pass so I know I’m for sure going to be doing Weight Watchers at least until August 7th!  I wonder how much I’ll lose.  🙂

If you’re interested, click on this sentence for more information on the deal, it is 6 months for $128!

I hope everyone has a glorious weekend that lacks temptations for food because of football!  Haha!

Lots of love,


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