All or Nothing

Hello! Can you believe it’s November already?! I can’t. It feels like just yesterday that 2013 was starting and I had all the hopes in the world of being at my goal weight by the end of the year. Well, erm… *scratches head* So maybe that hasn’t happened, yet, but in all reality, some things just take time. More time than you imagine. But, I digress.

Today I want to talk about “All or Nothing”, or, what happened to me with food this weekend! The past few weeks I had done a Doublechindiary_popcorngood job eating low-carb. I did meal prep for breakfasts, making scrambled egg whites and pan fried lean chorizo. I ate salads with chicken for lunch, drank water and snacked on persian cucumbers. Sadly, since I’m scaleless, I have no idea if I lost weight. I need to schedule a follow up with my doctor and can weigh in then. I was on track!

Then, Halloween came. That meant pizza with friends for dinner, and a few Almond Joys accidentally fell into my mouth. Halloween passed and I resolved to get back on track to the low-carb eating. Instead, we went out with friends to Dia de Los Muertos, where Matt and I split three tiny tamales. Not satiated by the corn husk wrapped burritos, I smelled the unmistakable smell of popcorn, a treat that had eluded me for the past few weeks, as buttery corn doesn’t really fit into a low-carb lifestyle.

Hunger and the thought of “a treat” got the best of me, and I was in popcorn heaven. We hung out at the festival for a few hours longer, then went to a 24 hour diner where Matt and I split a cheeseburger and onion rings. Thankfully, I was too full before I could do major damage on the onion rings.

I forgave myself for my few days of foodie misgivings and vowed to get back on track today. But then, I saw the open box of Count Chocula and said I’d “start tomorrow”. How could I tell myself that after last week’s blog?! Haha. But, these few slip ups have reminded me of why a low-carb diet will probably be my key to success. When I can’t have a certain food group (in this case, sugar or bread), I stay away from it. It’s All or Nothing. Where I get into trouble is when I am eating a little bit of everything, and trying to pretend that I’ll have the power to say no. Tomorrow is a new day, and it’s back to the low-carb lifestyle. No sugar, no bread, no onion rings. And that’s ok. Because it’s not that I’ll never be able to have them ever again; it’s just that I’ll do better refraining entirely for the next little bit of time. I’m not sure how I’ll navigate the holidays, but I’ve noticed I feel better on low-carb. More energy, less stomach issues, and hopefully, less bloating and weight gain.

Do you notice when you splurge on something (and it doesn’t have to be food), that’s it’s ALL or NOTHING?


9 thoughts on “All or Nothing

  1. I’m definitely an all or nothing kind of girl. I also seem to be a “do calories really count on the weekend” kind of girl. That is what I need to really work on. I would so be at my goal if I could figure that one out.

  2. With low carb, you have to be prepared. Throw away that old box of Count Chocula or stale Ritz crackers. Go buy a barrel of Cashews or Macadamia Nuts at Costco and then portion them out! It’s pretty damn easy to fall into mindless eating of them right out of the barrel.

    Pizza and Cheeseburgers are fine, just don’t eat the crust or the bun. Tamales, not so good…..

    • Arlene – that’s what I’m finding, too. Today I’m back at it and have to make good choices to keep on movin’ down the right track!

  3. At one point, I was like that. However, just before I hit goal, I discovered that a little bit goes a long way. I still enjoy pizza, fries, and fro-yo, and actually find less satisfies me more. Except for this week, when I want to eat all the carbs and sugar in the house. Stupid hormones. =P

  4. Yes! I can be on plan 5 days of the week and completely BLOW it on a weekend when I’m out with my boyfriend! It really frustrates me that I don’t have the willpower to stay strong over the weekend!

  5. On a positive note…you split the food with Matt so you didn’t go “all” in…I’m not helping am I? lol I do that too though, if we go out to eat one of us order the combo so we share a drink and fries/chips (whatever the side happens to be) then we both are saved from over eating!

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