Stretching my way to health – By April


This past week has brought forth many positive changes in my life, most revolving around my education and health.  I’ve been slowly building my college credits towards a degree but the one subject area I have avoided at all costs was math.  Over the summer I went blindly (without studying) into a math placement test to finally face my fear and ended up being defeated with a recommendation for the “General Arthritic” class.  When I got my book, I was extremely discouraged to find that I would be spending four months brushing up on my basic addition and fraction skills.

I reacted to this set back as I do in most of my challenges of life, I just didn’t accept the results.  I decided to retake the test this past Monday after taking the time to actually attempt to study.  Honestly, I didn’t spend THAT long relearning algebra but apparently my exciting weekend of watching hours of Canadian math teacher explain 9th grade math on Youtube was enough to help!  I didn’t end up placing in the class I was hoping for, I scored even higher!  Only one class level stands between myself and my required math goal and it is an incredible relief to know that not all hope has been subtracted for me in math land.

Using the inspiration I received from conquering my math fears, I’ve decided to conquer another fear of mine:  fully devoting myself to exercise.

My gym membership has been hold nearly a year now because of my trip to Europe and “saving money”.  Every month I tell myself I am going to begin it again but somehow time and my lack of actual membership continues on.  Since I am fortunate enough to have my educational fees waived (Thank you BOG fee waiver!), I enrolled myself in two PE classes:  Pilates and yoga twice a week!  I’ve always wanted to take Pilates and my little experience with yoga has been enough to make me love it.  I am pondering about taking one more exercise class, perhaps a circuit training or body conditioning course just so I can work some cardio into my “forced” exercise plan.

I have to stick to a full time school schedule so I’m still eligible for funding so by signing up for these PE classes, it’s literally forcing me to stick to my goals.  Plus, I am excited to see the results of devoting four hours a week to core strengthening classes like Pilates and yoga.  Maybe I will finally be able to achieve one of my major life goals of being able to touch my nose to my toes!

April’s Goal


Have you had experiences with either yoga or pilates?  I’d love to hear your stories!

Thank you everyone for reading!

Peace and monkeys,


2 thoughts on “Stretching my way to health – By April

  1. I did Iyengar yoga in college and LOVED it. It gave me more confidence than practically any athletic adventure I’ve embarked on. I’m not skinny, nor do I weigh 90lbs soaking wet, but the class showed me that no matter your body type, your body can do incredible things (like head-stands and shoulder-stands.)

    Being able to get into a head-stand (by myself) proved to me that my body is pretty kick-ass whether or not I’m comfortable with how it looks.

  2. Congrats for setting these goals and making them attainable!!!! And big props on the math. I LOVED high school math but college math made me want to punch a baby. (Funny question… is the general Arthritic class really for those with arthritis? hahaha. Not sure honestly if that’s a typo, or just what it’s called and a weird double-meaning word.)

    I hope to sign up for a gym and take some classes once I get into a good schedule of running, so I can try Zumba and yoga. I can’t wait to hear how your new schedule looks and works for you!

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