My first fitness related injury!

Hello all! This morning started out like any other; my alarm clock blared at 6:45, I hit snooze, rolled up in my blanket, nuzzled my pillow and refused to accept the fact that I had to get out of my warm bed and go get sweaty. Then, I heard the “buzz buzz” of my phone, letting me know I had a text. My workout buddy was sick and wouldn’t be going to bootcamp. Instantly, I thought “I shouldn’t go either, especially if she’s not going.” Then, the skinny girl in my brain said “Get yo’ ass out of bed. You have no excuse not to go. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THIS?!” and with that, I got out of bed, got dressed, and drove to the park. So that was victory number one of the day. Victory #2 is odd because nobody should be happy they got hurt working out, but it’s kind of like this weird badge of honor like, oh, I didn’t get hurt because I tripped on my wedges, I got hurt because I was doing something AWESOME. Tara from Worth Every Ounce ironically posted about this today, too – how getting hurt when you’re doing something cool has way more “cred”. For people working hard to get in shape it’s kind of like, wow, I guess I really am workin’ it! Anyways, how did I get hurt doing something awesome?

Our awesome bootcamp teacher Gordon uses all kinds of creative methods to make sure we get a maximum calorie burn. Today, we all pushed and pulled an orange sled filled with free weights and barbels. I was shocked how hard it was, because the sled was HEAVY and the dirt patch didn’t give it any traction at all.Plus, you have to be way low on your knees and push fast – NOT an easy workout.



As I pushed it, my momentum got the best of me and I lurched forward, having that “Oh sh*$. I’m going to fall” reaction. I quickly thought “not on my wrists”, because as a writer and computer nerd, god forbid my wrists get jacked up, but instead I had my knees pointed out…

On my way to a wipe out

On my way to a wipe out

Going, gone, gone. I was down, landing on my right knee with all my weight. I cried in pain and the teacher called for an ambulance as I read my last will and testament… JUST KIDDING. Just wanted to see if you were paying attention. Here’s another reenactment, because I’m all about the dramatic:

Ow, ow!

Ow, ow!

I laughed it off and got up, a little muddy and a little embarrassed, but it didn’t feel like anything more than a scuffed knee until we started running sprints. I had to jog in place because my little scuffed knee had started to throb in an unpleasant way – and tonight, I have a battle scar of a purple bruise and a swollen knee.

So yeah! Weird, right? Sucks to get hurt, but thankfully it’s mild, and if anything, I feel all hard-core being like “Yeah. I fell. Pushing a sled filled with 70 pounds of weight. What did YOU do today?” Have you ever had a fitness related injury? What was it? How’d you overcome it? I know my poor dad tore his ACL when skiing and his knee has never been the same…


6 thoughts on “My first fitness related injury!

  1. I wish I could say I tore up my knee skiing or herding venomous ducks or something cool like that. Volleyball started it, softball shredded it and WALKING across a flat, crack free parking lot ended it.

  2. Hmmm…I took out my ankle while playing tennis (broke it and snapped a ligament) but that was after I had sprained it about six times in dance and softball (cause I never let it heal.) And I broke my foot three times dancing…and I completely wrecked my knee (saving a life!) but then didn’t get it fixed right away, continued to beat it into the ground with rock climbing, and then it finally bit the dust. It STILL hurts. (Yay for Femoral-pattela syndrome!)

    A note of advice: it takes soft tissue SIX weeks to fully heal. If you push through it (if there’s any actual damage) all you’ll do is cause much worse damage. So please be careful. Missing a few workouts for an injury is better than being laid-up for six months.

  3. Wonderful reenactment pics! I injured my knee in high school when I was on the short flags team. There was this one move where we moved across the floor on our knees while twirling the flags, after practicing that over and over and over for hours (without knee pads) it finally took a toll. My knee was swollen and I had to stay off it for a while. It continues to act up. Sometimes long days of shopping or at amusement parks I have to take breaks to rest it. I also avoid lunges now because that triggers the pain!

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