My favorite fitness

Yesterday I did my favorite kind of fitness: strolling through nature! It wasn’t really a stroll, more of a speedy walk, but I logged an hour roaming through a grassy meadow and wetlands and was in my glory. It was even better because I spent the whole hour on the phone with my best friend, and I was a mega multi-tasker because I got to catch up with her, squeeze in some exercise and enjoy nature. We walked at Lake Balboa Park, a man made lake in the San Fernando Valley.

20120415-131509.jpgMatt and our friend Jason were running around the park while I walked, so it worked out quite well. They ran 5.4 miles without stopping- way to go, guys!

On my walk I got to watch squirrels run in and out of the bushes, and see the rain water churning down the Los Angeles basin. My favorite type of fitness is definitely the kind where I get to take in pretty sights and be mentally stimulated- I guess in a way it distracts me from the “exercise is hard” feeling!

After I logged my walk into MyFitnessPal, I saw that I burned 369 calories- pretty good for such an enjoyable activity! 20120415-131928.jpgAs I get serious “again” about my weight loss, I need to try and focus on fitness that doesn’t bore me or make me want to avoid it all costs. In the past I’ve found these things to be 1) hiking 2)kickboxing and 3)bike riding. It’s amazing how finding something you enjoy makes it seem so much better… and lets you feel the positive benefits much quicker!

Do you have a favorite kind of fitness? What is it?

My other favorite type of fitness: Bike riding! Here I am before riding to the store for groceries.

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  1. What a beautiful park! I’m so glad that you had such a good time burning calories. You’ve really inspired me to go on a nice walk tomorrow at a small trail near my house.

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