Morning Bootcamp Recap

Good Evening, or if you’re reading this in the morning, Good Morning! Well, I survived my early morning bootcamp and I’m here to tell the tale. It wasn’t easy getting out of bed, and I snoozed 10 minutes past what I should have, but I made it to the park and was so excited to see my dear friend Merrie. Greeting a smiling face always make a workout that much better. We started out with some simple warm up drills – knee kicks, butt kickers, squats and jogging around the tennis court. I handled the warm-up ok, but by the time we started SPRINTS, I was questioning my physical aptitude.

The hardest part of the class for me was all of the running. I’m not a runner, not sure I ever will be, and that’s ok. Sprinting across the tennis court was hard for me, but miraculously, I found myself not caring that I was among the slowest in the group. It’s taken me two years of blogging to get to a point where I’m not ashamed of my slowness when it comes to physical activity – that’s the reason I’m there. My weight loss or fitness is not a competition, and if I’m moving too slow for someone, they can kiss my booty. The only race I’m in is with myself! On that note, the teacher marked our scores for sit ups, push ups, squats, planks and “6 inches”, where you hold your legs six inches off of the floor with your upper body off the floor, as well. I am hoping to improve my scores in almost all of these categories, but specifically, push ups and planks. I don’t have a ton of upper body strength, and to get to a point where I can confidently hold a plank for 30 seconds rather than wobbling like Jello would be awesome! By the time we got to ab work and could lay on our towels, I was in heaven to take a “break”. One nice thing about doing bootcamp at a park is you get to be in nature, surrounded by the blue sky and chirping birds. It was a nice retreat from my usual gym time view.

So here’s the best part about bootcamp – it was hard and tiring, but afterwards, I felt SO AWAKE. I rushed home, showered and headed to work, but I didn’t have the same midday slump I usually get. I felt accomplished too, knowing I started my day with something good for me. It was also nice to come home from work and be “free” for the night, to do homework without having the “I have to go to the gym” looming over me. I am super sore right now, but I know come Friday morning when I rise at 6:45 again, my body will be ready for more. This bootcamp is three times a week for five weeks, so the bootcamp coupled with my T/TH zumba classes should have me ready to strut in my swimsuit in no time.

So tell me about your workout today! Did you get one in? What was it? How do you feel?

Geek chic after bootcamp with my glasses and stripey sweatband!

Geek chic after bootcamp with my glasses and stripey sweatband!

3 thoughts on “Morning Bootcamp Recap

  1. Great Job! When I joined the cross country team as a freshman in high school, I was the slowest one on the team, so I know what it feels like to be wheezing and puffing while everyone zooms out in front of me. It helped me up my game to be among great athletes. These days, I win awards for women in my age group!

  2. I’ve been slacking MAJORLY with working out. The most I do lately is take my dog around the block a few times a week. I really have no excuse, just lack of motivation and laziness! I think you’re going to be so strong once you’re through with this, sounds like a good plan!

  3. Does cleaning count as exercise? No? Man…well, Matt and I try to at least walk and/or play basketball a few nights a week. So that’s something…right? And when I feel up to it, I do some at-home cardio and yoga. Bah. I need to take a class again! Perhaps aerial yoga!

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