Mirrorless Monday

Last week, I walked into my university’s bathroom to find green paper covering all the mirrors. It was Mirrorless Monday, sponored by JADE, an eating disorder awareness group.

Mirrorless Monday at California State University, Northridge

All of the mirrors were covered up, and each one had this message:

Trust us, you look great!

I contributed my own message:

NO, your butt doesn't look fat in those jeans.

And my friend and fellow grad student Stephanie wrote a message too.

Nobody cares that you have kale in your teeth!

I really liked the idea of Mirrorless Monday. As a woman, I place a lot of emphasis on what’s in the mirror. Too much. Who really cares if I wear my hair down or up? Does a zit on my nose, shining like Rudolph, determine my self-worth or value? I think not. I’m blessed to be a plus-size lady who doesn’t suffer from horrible self esteem. I’m self-concious about my body, sure, but I know I’m attractive and it’s more than just my pretty blue eyes or spiraling blonde waves. But I’m not invincible, and sometimes, you feel like the mirror determines the outcome of your day. Mirrorless Monday could help fix that. It was refreshing.

How would you feel about Mirrorless Monday? Do you like the idea or is it weird to you?

5 thoughts on “Mirrorless Monday

  1. I loved mirror-less Monday at CSUN! Except when I was at the gym and needed to do my hair and make-up for work…but then the need to put on make-up and fix my hair sort of defeated the purpose of mirror-less Monday. I peeled the paper back half-way and then put it back. I wish I would have written a clever message as well! I should try a make-up-less Monday…

  2. JADE was proud to have made this possible with our amazing volunteers! Thank you for appreciating it 🙂 get ready for next year! It’s going to be bigger!

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