Mini Indulgences that I can’t eat

I am my mother’s daughter, and from a young age I was taught how an hour spent cruising the aisles of local discount stores could brighten up even the darkest day. I can openly admit that shopping makes me SMILE! Wheeee, shopping! I know the joy of scoring an awesome pair of rainboots for 60% off, or stumbling upon a one of a kind treasure buried deep in the shelves of TJ Maxx. I wanted to share some of my favorite little trinkety finds, related to food!

Sweet Erasers

I found these erasers at “The One Spot” in Target. They were only a buck! Considering I always shell out 50c a piece for these little food erasers at our local burger joint, I had to get them. I keep these at work and re-assemble the little cake layers or ice cream tops when I’m on a boring conference call or need something to do with my hands. Plus, they’re sickeningly cute. Too bad they don’t help me erase my cravings for sweets…. Oh, that pun was bad.

Shrimp Sushi!

Here’s another awesome One Spot find – shrimp sushi magnets! I don’t know the actual name of this type of sushi (Anybody?), and I don’t even like sushi, but they were so cute and realistic I had to get them. And for only a dollar?! How could I refuse? They look fabulous next to my apple magnet, and they’re appropriately placed next to the magnet that says “Whoever says money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop.”


This is another thing I really didn’t NEED – like all of the things up above – but for only $2.49 at Ross, I thought it was so novel in its concept that I had to have it. I eat a lot of hard boiled eggs, and I hate adding them to the raw egg carton, and I hate having them roll around in the little egg cabinet on the side of the refridgerator door. This neat ceramic egg holder has six slots and fits perfectly in the aforementioned egg cabinet. Tres cute, no?

Do you find yourself buying silly little things like shrimp magnets, egg holders or food erasers? If not, what’s the trivial little thing you often find yourself buying? (I’m going to out Matt’s habit – candy bars! There’s currently a king-sized pack of Reese’s staring at me from the kitchen counter. Resistance is futile. Good thing I’m on Weight Watchers. Candy got nothin’ on me.)


5 thoughts on “Mini Indulgences that I can’t eat

  1. It’s a little silly, but after Easter, I buy a bunch of egg dying kits on clearance. Keep the color tabs, discard the rest. Then, when I make hard boiled eggs, throw one of the tabs into the water while they cook. I know which eggs in the carton are boiled, then, because they’re colorful! And, it’s always more fun to eat colorful things. 🙂

  2. I’m totally going to my local Ross on the (VERY) off chance that they have that egg carton thing here. I need that! Great idea to use it to separate hard boiled eggs from fresh!

  3. Haha one of many vices and joys of being an adult. “You know, I think I will buy that king size candy bar for a rainy day…”

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