Merry Christmas from Thailand!!!

Hello ! Just a quick update for you all at 6 am in’Thailand- jet lag has not been kind to me and I am wide awake, probably from excitement too! Thailand is amazing…the culture is so very different from our own, including free reign to comment on all matters of appearance- we hadn’t been in Bankok one hour when someone asked if I was pregnant…I replied “No, just fat!”

imageI’ve had a few more comments about my size that definitely clawed at my self esteem but ill save those for their own post! 😉 the food here is incredible….10,000 times better than any Thai food I’ve had in America which is staggering!!!

Speaking of Thai food, today Matt and I will spend all day at an organic farm learning traditional Thai cooking. I cannot wait!!! Anyways, blogging on an iPad is annoying so I’m cutting this short- but merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!! I’d like to thank you agin for following me on my weight loss journey- your support means the world to me!!! <3image

6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Thailand!!!

  1. Don’t let the weight comments get to you! I lived in Thailand as a teenager and got comments and stared at all the time. Did not appreciate it at all then either! I think more than weight western women are just taller and have large bone structure. Whatcha gonna do?!

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