A Measured Effort: Weighing out my Weight Loss


I love coming here to update when I have good news, and today I have good news. I lost 3.6 pounds last week! HOLLA!

I was thinking about the differences I made on the way home, and I felt like I wanted to write about it because it seems like two pretty simple changes, in the grand scheme of things…

  • I MEASURED nearly everything I ate, with a food scale and/or measuring cups and spoons.
  • I also WORKED OUT with my awesome trainer three times, in addition to two workouts on my own.

These two things were actually pretty easy to accomplish. In one way, yes, measuring out what you’re going to eat is a pain in the ass. But it was eye opening, because what I thought was one tablespoon of Peanut Butter was really two tablespoons. I’m also a chronic overpourer of cereal and several times poured a hefty one and a half cup serving that I would note as one cup. WRONG! Do it again.

And exercise? Before I signed up for personal training I kept thinking, “There’s no way I can exercise three to five times a week at the gym. I just can’t. I work full-time, I’m a wife, I’m a mom,” etc. But the truth is? Just like I make taking care of my daughter a priority, I can make taking care of myself a priority. So I use three lunch breaks a week to sweat it out, and I feel great afterwards – full of energy and ready to tackle my afternoon.

So this week, it seemed simple. I’m sure tomorrow it won’t be simple because some stuff really never is, and I hate it when people say “Weight loss is simple: just eat less and move more.” Though I guess that’s really what I just said I did. HA! Ok, I’m going to bed. Good night! 🙂

Infographic from FitFluential.com

Infographic from FitFluential.com



14 thoughts on “A Measured Effort: Weighing out my Weight Loss

  1. LOL Those portions are probably a quarter of what I eat if I’m being honest. I’m the worst but I’m working on it. I cut out juice. Yes, Alyssa you read that correctly. The OJ queen hasn’t had OJ in a while. Congrats on losing three pounds! xo

  2. That’s awesome! Isn’t it funny how exercising ends up giving you MORE energy? I used to eat big bowls of cereal until I measured it out one time. It looks like such a teeny amount in a regular size bowl. So now I eat my oatmeal or cereal or even yogurt in a rice bowl. It holds just about a cup and it fills the bowl nicely. Smaller plates and bowls really help with portion control.

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