Making Fitness Work For Me

I'm not horsing around with my fitness anymore. (Creepy and awesome mask courtesy of my brother Tommy)

Good morning, everybody! Remember how last week I had an exercise confession? Well, I’ve been making sure that I don’t let that happen again – by taking quick 10 minute breaks during the day to ride my bike to the post office, or walk to the grocery store. Last night I took a major step in reclaiming my fitness – I re-joined my old gym, Total Woman.

In January my membership expired, and because CSUN had opened their new and free gym, I decided to start using that. However, because of the annoying parking that you have to pay $180 every 3 months to use, the limited class hours because they’re designed for students who don’t work, and the co-ed mixed gender vibe, I decided to re-join my old gym. The CSUN Rec Center is amazing, but I really missed my Saturday morning boxing class,  the hot-tub, and the fact that Total Woman is women only. I missed working out with some of my friends who are members… Merrie, Eileen, Sal… There’s also some sort of comfort factor in knowing that nobody cares if you rolled out of bed, forgot to brush your teeth, and still have zit cream on your chin. Not that anybody cared at CSUN, but I feel like when I’m surrounded by all women, I can be 100% transparent in the fact that I’m there to get in shape – not attract a mate or meet new friends.

There’s also the “I’m paying for this” factor that seems to help pressure me into going. At CSUN, the gym dues were part of my tuition, so I technically did pay for it, but I didn’t have that fire under my butt saying “Do you really want to waste $39 this month?”. Since I am a frugalista at heart, I know I’m not going to just sit on my butt when my hard-earned cash is at work. So there ya have it. I went in last night and the sweet membership girl remembered me, so she worked out some savings for me – and this is the best part – she noticed last time I was a member, I never did my fitness evaluation. This is basically where you get weighed, measured, BMIed and tested on all sorts of levels of fitness. Can you see why I never did it?! 😉 She offered to schedule me an appointment and I casually noted how my schedule was crazy and I’d call in to make an appointment. Well…. I was in the locker room getting changed for my workout, and she walked up with a fitness evaluator and scheduled my appointment RIGHT THEN AND THERE. So… now I have a fitness evaluation on Saturday morning and I’m terrified – but I know everything I’ll be told is everything I know. It’s more just the sting of being reminded that I’m fat, out of shape and have a lot of work to do. But, as my clever husband reminded me, that’s why I’m there – and that every epic journey starts with one small step.



5 thoughts on “Making Fitness Work For Me

  1. You’ve already started to make major progress babay! You can do it 🙂 And I totally agree that working out at a women’s only gym is less stressful mentally. And also, one of these days when you reappear in this part of the world for more than two minutes, you should come over so I can cook you an awesome meal, and we can go on a nice walk around here to see all the ridiculous mansions we could never afford–it’s ‘let’s make believe–real-estate edition.’ lol

  2. YAY!! I’m so glad you are getting out of your exercise rut!! And woohoo for all women gyms!! :o)

    Don’t be too worried about your Saturday evaluation! It’s just a reminder to continue working on getting healthy! Don’t think of it as a negative think of it as a fresh new start! It will be great!!

  3. Good for you, Alyssa! It is also a reminder for me to keep up my yoga every night 🙂 I always remember you taking me to my very first yoga session. Remember those days? I miss you!!!!!

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  5. Good for you for joining! I am planning to join a place that does Zumba when B gets paid for his new job (new job = better pay, thank goodness.) Your post is very motivating for me!

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