Lyssa Loves: Oloves 50 Calorie Snack Pack

Before I moved to California, I thought I hated olives. I had never tried them, but since my mom and dad disliked them, surely they were gross. Thankfully, in the spirit of amazing mediterranean food, I succumbed to the salty, briny brilliance of Kalmata, and it’s been a long stroll in the sunset ever since. My favorite type of olives are Castelvanro, a bright, grassy green, super buttery and tangy olive. They’re expensive, but worth the extra bucks.

Tasty Mediterranean

Tasty Mediterranean

A couple months ago I was on a lunch break at work and wandered into Cost Plus where I happened upon adorable single size serving packs of “Oloves”, each with only 50 calories. I bought one pack to try and was instantly smitten, so I reached out to Oloves and they were kind enough to send me all of the flavors to sample.

Lemony Lover

Lemony Lover

Here’s what you need to know: They’re probably the best snack ever for olive-lovers like me. They currently come in three flavors: Tasty Mediterranean, Lemony Lover and Hot Chilli Mama. My favorite of the three was Tasty Mediterranean, and I ate all of them on their own. The serving size is great because you get a decent handful of olives. They’re pitted, so no worries about biting into a pit. The Lemony Lover flavor has juicy pieces of lemon pulp, and the hot chilli mama has chili flakes. I actually expected a bit more spice in the hot chilli mama, so don’t be afraid of it if you’re not a spicy freak. The tasty Mediterranean is the most simple flavor, with notes of garlic, oregano, red wine vinegar and olive oil. These were just perfect for when I needed a salty snack but didn’t want to break into something carby. It looks like they also have a new flavor called “Light hearted vinaigrette” – sign me up!

Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.41.28 AM

You can get Oloves for around $2 a piece at places like Cost Plus, and you can also buy them on Amazon  here. Apparently some airlines even serve them — how awesome is that? Way better than a bag of stale peanuts!

They also have a line called DipIn, with individual sized servings of bruschetta, tapenade and hummus. If you see DipIn while shopping for Oloves, give those a try! They don’t need to be refrigerated and they’re all all natural with no preservatives – my kind of snack.

Now it’s your turn — tell me how you feel about OLIVES. Do you “olove” them, or can you live without?


11 thoughts on “Lyssa Loves: Oloves 50 Calorie Snack Pack

    • That does work, definitely – but if I want to grab on the go, these are a good solution. Lazy person’s olives. But thanks for the comment.. you’re right 🙂

  1. This looks awesome–I absolutely love olives so this is perfect for someone like me. As much as I love olives though, I rarely but them since I have zero portion control around them. I start eating them and then as soon as I know it, empty jar. Thanks for the review!

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