Happy Halloween! Keeping the confidence (even in costume!) by April

This past week has been quite exciting for me as it is my favorite time of the year, Halloween!  I don’t go out all too often but when Halloween is coming, I transform from a loyal-to-my-leaf caterpillar into an enthusiastic social butterfly.  I successfully went out three nights this past weekend, each night in a different costume.

I don’t feel the best about myself all the time because of my weight but it doesn’t stop me from being comfortable with myself while I am in public, especially at Halloween time.  The past two years worth of costumes have rocked because I’ve been getting a lot of positive attention from the opposite sex which DEFINITELY boosts up my confidence levels.  Or maybe the guys just really like costumes that emphasize a woman who brings them beer. (Last year I was a Czech/Swedish beer girl and this year I was a German version.)

Last night while I was at one of the parties, a group of us girls were all sitting around with each other gabbing when one of them looked at their phones, sighed, and said “my friends don’t want to come out because they think they’re too fat.”  We all laughed and I told her that even if they were fat, they should rock it and come out anyway.  The girl said that her friends were not fat at all and actually were quite thin but just lacked the confidence to come out in a costume.

Upon my initial shock of hearing that news, I reminded myself of what I learned while I was working at the women’s gym a few years ago.  I learned that the women I thought would have 100% confidence in themselves were just as nervous about their bodies as a woman packing the extra pounds. It didn’t matter if the woman was a size 2 or a size 20.  She still had issues about herself that she didn’t like, whether it was the way the fat bunched together on her back or the way her veins would show through her fat-less skin.

If I knew then what I know now, I would tell these women that what they should be focused on is not worrying about what others think of them but worrying about the way they view themselves.  I feel confidence is one of the most attractive personality features in a person because it shows that THEY are the most important person in their lives.  Plus, how can you expect others to be able to love you if you can’t even love yourself?


Lots of love and a little bit candy,






3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween! Keeping the confidence (even in costume!) by April

  1. I love your costumes! And I think the over sex-ification of costumes has some ladies thinking they have to be a slutty _____ (insert any character or thing here) for Halloween. I was a freaking box of tissues one year. To me Halloween is about wearing something funny/creative. Either way I wish more women would have confidence about rocking what they have!

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