I’ve been dropping my birthday pounds!

I’m happy to report that I have managed to lose four pounds since I began creating my meal plans last week!   My ear infection has not eased up, apparently it was caused by a virus so my amoxicillin has done nothing.  If anything, I would say it has gotten worse!

But unfortunately the days when I could stay in bed with the three C’s  (coloring books, crayons, and cartoons) are over and I still need to attend to my responsibilities of school and work.

I have taken a break from my usual tennis, Pilates, and yoga although I gave tennis a shot on Wednesday and ended up totally overexerting myself, causing me to come home and skip the next three classes and leave work early.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to do so well when it came to the exercise so I’ve been making up for it by really trying to stick with a routine.   I’ve been consistently eating my servings of beans with a big salad at lunch along with my light breakfasts and dinners.  I have also been rocking my water intake but I also think that’s because all my medicine is making me super thirsty.

I got to spend the weekend away with my best girl friends for a Monterey Bay weekend.  We stayed in the exciting town of Salinas where people with pink hair must be pretty rare as I got quite a few stares.  I indulged myself after doing a ton of walking for dinner at my seventh brewery of the month,  Monterey Coast Brewing.  That night my friends and I stayed in our hotel room doing our nails and making a big batch of “hotel guacamole”.  I love the life of a 30 year old, haha!  Who needs clubs and overpriced drinks when you can have your best friends in a hotel room with a plate of guacamole!??!

In my element making guacamole!

In my element making a simple guacamole of avocados, garlic powder, salt, and lime!

This week has been way better than last week as I’ve been finding out more in regards to my Math situation and college.  It turns out that the two years of algebra I took in high school totally have counted this whole time as prerequisites!  I’ve already gotten  that transferred over  and I’m all set to give a try at statistics, a class everyone assures me I’ll be better at since it’s “real life math”.  I feel confident because I’ve been informed on all the best teachers in my area who do open-book tests and no homework! Haha!  I may not be smart at math but I sure am crafty at working the system… but not crafty enough to figure this out before I took  the class I’m in now!   😉 Thank you all for your support about that, it was awesome to see that some of you have had issues like myself as well!


In spirit of avocados which are so nice and cheap right now in California – how do YOU make your guacamole?!


Avocados for all,


4 thoughts on “I’ve been dropping my birthday pounds!

  1. Weird thing is, I absolutely HATED avocados as a kid, and now they’re one of my top foods! 🙂 Today they’ll be with chicken tacos that are currently cooking in my crock-pot, but I’ll most likely have an afternoon snack of 1 avocado, 1 tomato cut up. They both combine SO well together and its such a good tasty snack. April your skin is GLOWING in the picture above!

  2. I make my guac with garlic, sea salt, cayenne, tomato, jalapeno, and lots of lime juice! Also, you can add 1/2 – 1 whole small ripe banana to make your guac extra creamy (and I swear it doesn’t change the flavor!)

  3. Oh that is such a relief that your math in high school counts! A breath a sigh of relief for you, phew! When I make guac I chop up tomato, onion, cilantro and jalapeno. Mix with avocado and squeeze of lime. Yum!

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