I’m back!

Hi everybody! I’m back, at least for a short while!

I finally finished all of this….

Taking tests!

And then I finished all of this….

Writing papers!

And somewhere along the way… I finished all of this.

Amazingly beautiful sugar cookie made by the fabulous Shelley!

Ok, ok, fine – so I lied – I didn’t finish all of it, just half, with a glass of milk. YUM! The past few weeks have been among the busiest and most stressful of my entire life – but I made it through, and now it’s just a few days of a frenzied flurry of wrapping gifts, working, attending holiday parties, getting allergy shots, baking pecan pies, and driving up North to celebrate Christmas with my families.

I have a TON to tell y’all about, but it’s 11:40 at night and I’m due at work at 7:30 tomorrow morning SO… it’s gonna have to wait. However – I promise I’ll be back soon with some fun stories and an honesty check – in which I’ll face the scale (and the gym) for the first time in *muffled scream* three weeks!

What have you been up to?

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